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Ibori: Crown Prosecution Drops Bribery Allegation Case Against Met Police

Posted: Jan 22, 2016 at 11:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
…As Gohil Goes On Appeal, Wants The Issues Determined Again
The corruption charges against Mr. Bhadresh Gohil who had stoutly maintained that the Metropolitan Police officers that investigated the money laundering case brought against the Former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, were neck deep in bribery and corruption has been dropped by United Kingdom’s Director of Prosecution.

And surprisingly, the Crown Prosecutor, Sasha Wass QC, has also stated that she was not at liberty to disclose reasons why the Crown Prosecutor decided to drop the case.
But Gohil has, however, vowed to approach the Court of Appeal on the shocking decision of the Crown to drop the charges without giving reasons.
“I have always maintained my innocence from the beginning of  this matter,” Gohil told one of our correspondents who spoke to him on the Crown’s decision to discontinue with the case. “I always couldn’t understand how I could have been convicted based on DC Macdonald’s assumption. Today, I have been vindicated.”
It will be recalled that Stephen Kamlish QC representing Gohil had during the hearing of the money laundering case frontally accused Wass of lying to the Court of Appeal and His Honour, Judge Tester at Southwark Crown Court and disobeying order for the Crown Prosecutor to disclose evidence in his possession which included the bank statements of detective Constable John Macdonald to the defence before the start of the trial.
The Crown’s decision will have a knock on effect on the confiscation of assets case of Gohil and Ibori which comes up from May 9, 2016.
Meanwhile, His Honour, Judge Tester while adjudicating the matter ordered that materials which had not been disclosed be made available to Ibori’s legal team, who incidentally were also in court, and three other ladies,  including Christine Ibori and Udoamaka Onuigbo, just as he also made pronouncement on the application made by Kamlish that he was biased,  saying: ” I simply say that in the circumstances of what has happened today, I have been satisfied that I have not shown bias.”
Kamlish, on his part, told the Judge that he will initially ask the Court of Appeal to determine the issues again which brings the safety of the convictions to play.
The defence is expected to put the cost application  in writing within 14 days and a response by the Crown 14 days before wasted cost hearing.