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I Embraced Teaching Because Of My Passion For Children – Kafaru

Posted: Sep 5, 2016 at 7:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
Chief (Mrs.) Victoria Kafaru is the proprietress of Future Edge Schools located at Arepo community in Ogun State. She recently concluded a course in Early Childhood’s education at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). A trained teacher who had her first training at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education where she studied Social Studies and English told Anthonia Duru in this interview her passion for children and on other issues relating to her career as a teacher:

Most female teachers choose teaching because of the argument that it affords them the opportunity to cater for their family. Is this also the case with you?
I have passion for this; I didn’t just dabble into it because of the time it affords one to take care of the family or for the financial benefit. I see it as my own contribution to humanity. It is not too financially rewarding but I am always happy and satisfied when I impart knowledge into people. I started as a teacher with the Lagos State Government but later I was transferred to State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). I was one of the first set of teachers that taught linkages. The head teacher approached me and few of my colleagues to teach pupils at the very elementary age, majority of my colleagues declined but I embraced it because of the love I have for children generally. Though it was quite tedious then teaching pre-school children but with time I adapted to it. Till date I love impacting knowledge into children. As a result of our efforts, Lagos State Government (LASG) introduced early childhood education and lots of facilitators were hired from different parts of the world to train us. The passion and urge to train children increased after I went through the training which was held at the University of Lagos. I resigned from the service of LASG after my family moved to Ogun State. I had a short course in America to further broaden my knowledge in child’s training.

In resigning then, you left certainty for uncertainty, what gave you the conviction that you will succeed running a school?
I won’t deceive you, I was a bit reluctant but after seeking God’s face by praying, I went ahead because I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I was born to impart knowledge into people. This is not too financially rewarding but I just love what I am doing. It was a bit tough when I started but things are getting better now.

What contributory role did your husband play in the actualisation of this dream?
He is my number one supporter and my greatest fan. I don’t know what would have become of this dream if not for his support over the years. He believes so much in my passion for children and he is ever-supportive. He is not just my husband; he is a worthy companion who has always been there for me. I can’t just thank him enough for his hands of generosity. He loves children more than I do and so it was not difficult for him to embrace this dream wholeheartedly.

At what point in time did you develop passion for imparting knowledge into children?
I don’t even know what gave birth to that passion in me. I grew up in a community where parents don’t really cater for their children educationally. It baffles me and gives me lots of concern. It also saddens my heart when I see those children walking aimlessly all because they lack parental supervision. I promised myself then that I will do all I can to impart knowledge into people. As young as I was then, I took it upon myself to admonish my contemporaries and even those who were older than me. Some see me as an intruder because I admonish them to be focused but few others took to my counsel. I will use this medium to give kudos to my father for training us well. My contemporaries believe that they don’t need education to succeed, that partially maybe true but you need education to be distinct. It is important you give children direction early in life and you do that at the right time. Someone once asked me if teaching is not boring and monotonous to me, I told the person it can never be because I love doing this.

What is the secret behind the success of your marriage?

The basic ingredient we employ in our home is determination. We were both determined to keep our home despite all obstacles that might come our way. I was determined that all my children will come from my husband. I have seen many women encounter problems in their marriage but I was determined to keep my home. We decided that we are going to tolerate each other. I know his weak points and he knows mine. We strike a balance because we are two individuals with differences; we both have our flaws. I attribute everything to God’s grace because we consult ourselves before we take any step. He is my best friend.

As a trained educationist, how do you apply your professional training in your day to day activities?
I am a very discipline woman and I am always very blunt. I am very straight forward and honest. I apply all these in my dealings. Life is full of events and experiences garnered are often precious. The greatest lesson life has taught me is to be focused. I am a very focused person in all I do including child handling. I can’t be pushed around like the waves. I take a decision and I stick to it once I am convinced by my God that the decision I took was good.

Can you recall some of your memorable moments as an educationist?
I have countless moments; recently one of my former pupils made straight ‘A’s in his junior secondary certificate examination. This is a great achievement and I feel so proud of this. I didn’t venture into this because I want to make money but for the passion I have for imparting knowledge. We impart into them moral values and we are raising 100 per cent children. To the glory of God they are working in accordance to the moral values we imparted into them. We know the importance of right values and that we don’t take for granted.