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I Believe In Meaningful Dressing Not Expensive Dressing – Ezonbodor-Akwagbe

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Chief Professor Rose Ezonbodor-Akwagbe was spotted at the NIM Awards recently, where she was dressed in an outstanding way, which prompted the curiosity of Chinyere Abiaziem to engage her in an interview. She spoke about her fashion style and personality.

With your head gear and attire, can one address you as a princess?

I’m not a princess rather I’m a chief, I have five chieftaincy titles.

Can you say more about yourself?

Ezonbodor Akwagbe

Ezonbodor Akwagbe

I was born by a politician of blessed memory, whose name I bear hyphenated to my husband’s name.  My father was a front liner politician so I have seen it all as far as politics in the country is concerned. Having been born by a politician, sometimes it was scary going from one detention to the other that is the way which I grew. Whatever happens now is not strange to me because I come from that background of not been certain of anything any day. Having said so my father died early leaving us to struggle in the family to survive on our own.

I have being a university Don for some 25 years now, I started my career of lecturing from the university of Benin, currently I’m with the Niger Delta University (NDU), to round it up the government thought I should come and help as the Senior Special Assistant(SSA) to the governor on primary health care.

Talking about your style of dressing, do you appear in this unique way often?

It has gone a long way, for instance when I was a young girl we use to talk of madam Kofo head tie and some other people who have appeared elegant. At my young age I looked forward to them that one day I will want to make my mark and identity. This went far when I was nominated Miss Inner Circle which was the whole west southern zone competition in 1968 from then upward I have being conscious of my identity so that any given time you will pick me out of the crowd.

My late mother used to say that it is harder to be picked out of the crowd with your dressing than the bush work which is the tilling of the farm. This means that getting everything together and coming out of the crowd for people to identify you is a more difficult job which I have worked on. Probably in the beginning it was not like this but now it has come to stay.

Do you usually get a professional to tie your head gears?

I make the head gears myself, I started tying geles  from childhood, which people admired. when I go to occasions people think that I have come with truck not knowing they are all collapsible. After an event and as soon as I get home now it will collapse to nothing, it is like dismounting a canopy. I have the canopy style, bishops crown, satellite dish, so I wear a style depending on my disposition and the occasion I’m going for. My dressing is detected by the occasion I’m attending.

This creativity has made me have my own identity  people cannot mistake me for someone else and I can’t be at  a function with people doubting if I was there or not because in any crowd I must definitely stand out and this because of my identity which I have created over the years.

I’m not readily buying people’s identity because I feel I have created mine and feel other people’s identity belongs to them. If I don’t appear this way, people will feel that something is wrong and will start asking so many questions but if I don’t dress this way I will be assumed for someone else meaning that I have assumed someone else identity. Most times I try to keep that identity and it has kept me going

How tasking has it been keeping your identity over the years?

It has been easy for me because there is nothing I wear that is new, like the wrapper and blouse I’m wearing are like 10 to 15 years old. Again because I go by lasting fabrics which you can wash, starch unlike the George wrappers of these days that you cannot wash.

From the conversation so far, you seem not to be the type that goes with the trend?

I cannot go with the trend because I go with my own creation. I am not a designer but no designer satisfies me no matter what you sew for me, I must do my moulding and finishing touch. Sometimes people who sew for me hardly recognise what they have done because it is like I totally alter what they made. I don’t know how to cut and sew but I know how to use my needle that is where creativity comes into play. I use my own creation and in having my own creation is not as expensive a people think. When people look at me and think I’m a high class and expensive woman and think I should be wearing diamonds but they do not know it is plastic beads I’m wearing. I wear beads that match my outfits to avoid looking ridiculous so for each colour I wear I have the same beads to go with it. So all of these bring me out, same goes to the head gear. I believe in meaningful dressing and not in expensive dressing.

Secondly I do not mix colours, the handbags and shoes and other items must rhyme they must follow  a sequence. The handbag must match with the shoe and wrapper and they must all be the same shade of colour. These are the secrets why I stand out, some people want to look like me but don’t now the secret.

How would summarise your kind of person?

I have a strong personality that sticks to her own personality and I’m creative also.