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HP Focuses On Strategic Direction, Key Innovations To Get Ahead

HP Enterprise
Posted: May 5, 2016 at 12:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Hewlett and Packard (HP), has stated that it is focused on strategic direction and key innovations to get ahead of competition in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. This is in addition to making sure that they satisfy their customers with their performances.
Mrs. Ify Afe, Managing Director, HP Inc.; stated this recently in Lagos, at an interactive session with the media.
According to her, this is very important because it is the backbone of every company.

“We have always had competition up and down, greater or less each year and that is really the dynamics of the market. Healthy competition is very good for the market, so we are not a company that shies away from the competition because competition will always be there no matter what. The important thing is to set yourself apart from the competition; you have to always remain in line with what consumers have always wanted from you. You have to make sure that you do not disappoint the users or your clients”, she said.

She opined that in the case of enterprise clients, there is need to make sure that they are given the most realisable and most secured products they can work with.

“If it in your consumer space, you need to make sure that you give them right value for what they are going for. The value point also cuts across enterprise but you need to keep demonstrating what you are in business for. The moment you start getting sidetracked at different things, then there is problem but we at HP, our primary motive is value for our consumers and that is what we do to set ourselves apart”, she said.

On the split recently into HP Incorporated and HP Enterprise, she noted that the company did that to ensure that its focus is more streamlined; and faster in its operations.
“We have split into Hewlett and Packard Enterprise and HP Incorporated and those are the two arms that came out from the split. HP Incorporated which is the office you are sitting in today is focusing on computing, printing, mobile devices and solutions behind each of them. Now, this innovation like you have seen with our 3D printing, Page wide technology, in the area of computing, we have been able to shoot out the world’s thinnest PC.

“For so long, we know that different companies have held that position, we have not been able to hold it for a while but today we are able to and it is not just the size we are going after, we are going after the improved productivity of the product. So, you see a wide range we have been able to show you, we have showed a desktop that can do many functionality including the 3D scanning ability. All these products, we have been able to delve into managed print solution among others”, she said.

On the company’s plan to partner local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to build local content, she noted that HP’s market strategy is one that involves selling through the local channel.

“We sell to our partners and distributors and that has always been HP window strategy because by so doing, every product that is sold was as a result of each local individual’s effort and the result he gets out of it. HP as a company is sound today because we are held up by our full channels.
“We have so many partners and distributors and we are very proud of that channel programme we have been able to develop over the year and that is why everyone today can stand and say I am an entrepreneur because of HP. In everything we do, our programmes seek out potential partners and that is one out of many activities we do imbibing the local content policy. We know HP has been here for over ten years and the reason is because we are local centric. We care not just about the company and the product, we are not here to make a quick bulk otherwise we would have been out a long time ago”, she claimed.

On the tough economic climate in Nigeria and the difficulty in accessing foreign exchange, Mrs. Afe noted that though it has affected many businesses including HP. All the same, they try to look for the best solution out of it.
“We always make sure that the solution is line with what the government requires from us and I think that is even more ideal that we don’t go against the set guidelines we have. In trying to work our ways out of this economic situation, we have been able to do things a bit differently. We have been very understanding as to the situation and we have been able to look for ways not to hamper the business and we are still working our ways out of it”, she stressed.

Shedding more light on what motivated the company to go into HP Life+Unido partnership and what they intend to gain out of it, the HP Boss said the partnership programme, was meant to capture individuals, such as youths that are in the needs market that are not able to use the right product.
“They don’t even know about it, so, we want to make sure that these people are aware of it and that they can use it in whatever idea they have to do. Now, it is our job to tell them how and show them what they can use and that is what we are trying to do with HP Life programme”, she insisted.
Speaking on her personal priorities that drive HP business via technology development in Nigeria, she noted that this role is an opportunity for her to do what she had always wanted to do in Nigeria. She opined that having the backbone of such a company like HP, she now has the opportunity to do it better.

“All the projects we have pushed forward are borne out of personal effort because I believe it is time we give back to our country. The fact that HP believes in Nigeria so much that they can put their company in the hand of someone like me gives me courage to say that HP is here on a long time basis and HP is here to make a difference. I think the action of the company shows how much they believe in what they are doing and that is my number one priority to make sure that impression that technology does change life is brought to reality in Nigeria,” she concluded.