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How To Get A Tough Girl To Like You

Posted: Jun 18, 2016 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Yemi Adebisi

(With Agency Reports)

She’s bold, self-assured and independent, but never, she has no idea that you exist. Getting past her thick skin will require more than just a friend request or playful flirting-if you want to win her over; you’ll have to show her that you respect her for her individuality.

So what do you need to do? Follow these rules diligently and you will be glad you do:


Getting Her Attention

Make the first move. Strong-minded girls are used to being in control, and they can appreciate when a guy takes charge. Go right up and talk to her, let her know that you’re interested. She might be guarded at first, but she’ll most likely be impressed by your directness. Don’t be too forceful or demanding. This could give her the wrong idea about your intentions.

Exude confidence

You don’t have to be a “bad boy” to display confidence in yourself. Stay relaxed and comfortable in any situation. Be assertive; use a firm, clear voice, and speak your mind. She’s probably used to being the most confident person in the room. Stand out and show her that you’re just as sure of yourself.

Be your own person

If she values her individuality, she’ll also be able to recognise yours. Don’t mindlessly follow trends or conform to what others are doing hoping it will get you noticed. Instead, be up front about your interests and beliefs and make it clear that you’re someone worth knowing.



Be a little bit mysterious

While it’s great to be direct, assertive and up front, leave a little for her to wonder about. She’ll want to know more about you if you keep her guessing, and you’ll come off as a more complex person. This could be the lead-in you need for your next conversation or date.

Hold a little back in conversation. Don’t be too eager or talk about yourself too much. Let her imagination do some work in figuring you out. Don’t complain.


Don’t try too hard.

She’ll know if you’re boasting or trying to seem more appealing to her, and talking yourself up too much can be annoying. Confidence and assertiveness are qualities that anyone can develop, not stand-ins for your innate personality. If you get too wrapped up in trying to impress her, you’ll lose sight of yourself. Trust her enough to let her make up her own mind about what she wants.


Getting to Know Her.

Find out what makes her tick. Make it your mission to discover what sets her apart from the rest and understand her motivations. You can accomplish this by talking to her, and you should, but also pay attention to unspoken cues like body language and the way she interacts with others.


Show an interest in her interests.

Even if you’re not that keen on the books she reads or her favorite place to eat, make an effort to know what they are. Get involved in the things that are important to her. If you like her, you should be accepting of her interests, as they’re part of what makes her who she is.

Listen actively when she talks about her interests, and be enthusiastic when talking about yours.


Get to know her friends.

Talk to her friends to find out more about her, and let them see the kind of person you are. A person’s friends can say a lot about them, and they’re also the people that she’s closest to. Winning the favor of her friends can go a long way toward getting her to like you. You may also make new friends of your own this way.


Do things with her.

Take every opportunity you can to spend time with her. If you’re going out or know of an upcoming event, invite her along. Doing things together allows you have shared experiences, which will bring you closer. It’s usually flattering to girls just to know that you want them around. She’ll appreciate the effort.


Be a good friend.

No matter what your intentions are in getting to know her, the strongest foundation is friendship. The two of you will most likely start off as friends, and you may even find that this is more meaningful to you than dating her would be. Don’t try to force her into anything or expect things to move too fast. It’s up to her whether she wants the relationship to progress.


Let her know she can count on you.

Become a reliable figure in her life. Always be ready with a helping hand and prove to her that you can be trusted. She can be the most capable person in the world, but it will still mean something to her to know that you care.


Tell her what you like about her.

No matter how tough or independent she is, no one minds receiving a compliment. Pay attention to more than just her physical features. Single out the best parts of her character and give them the praise they deserve.