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How APC Secured Victory In The Last General Elections—Lai Mohammed

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How APC Secured Victory in the Last General Elections—Lai

…Says Buhari’s ‘change’ agenda sacrosanct

By Innocent Oweh,Abuja

Newly appointed Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, on Tuesday,took directors and senior executive officers of his ministry down memory lane,saying the All Progressive Congress(APC), which everyone now celebrates for securing victory in the recent general elections, was once broke to the point that it could not foot its bills for campaigns on radio,television or newspapers.

He said at the face of open intimidation by the current opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, APC resorted to only dogged determination to win the election.

He gave the brief narration at his maiden meeting with directors and senior executive officers drawn from the Ministry of Information and Culture currently under his purview.

According to Mohammed,the complacency and excuses that characterized the civil service,information and culture ministry inclusive would no longer be tolerated by the present administration, as the ‘change’ agenda of the Federal Government must be seen as sacrosanct in their day to day activities.

His words,”In the run up to the last elections, there were times that we did not have money to even run our adverts, whether on the radio, television or newspapers.

“We soldiered on all the same. We were threatened and abducted by those who wielded the instrument of coercion, but we remained undaunted. Not even the massive war chest of the ruling party/government could shake our resolve or deter us, until we rode to office on the wings of change.

“Such is the determination that propelled us then, and such is the determination that must propel us now”.

He said staff members of the ministry had a duty to first instill the change agenda of government in themselves before successfully passing it on to Nigerians through their reportage and information dissemination.

“Let me say straightaway that this Ministry is the most strategic in the country today, and I say that with all sense of seriousness. It is even more strategic now than ever, in an era of change.

“The responsibility to adequately communicate the Buhari Administration’s Change Agenda to Nigerians, in order for them to own and live it, rests squarely on us.

“It does not matter what the Federal Government does, if it is not reported, it is as good as not done. We are the fulcrum of all ministries, hence we cannot afford to fail. That’s the challenge we face as the Ministry of Information and Culture.

“For us to successfully surmount this challenge, it is important that we start by looking inwards. It is said that what you don’t have, you can’t give. If we must inform Nigerians about the Buhari Administration’s Change Agenda, we must first believe in the change.

“If we must propagate the Change Agenda successfully, we must ourselves become the champions of change. Simply put, the change begins here, in this ministry, with you and I

“There is no room for complacency. You must shake off your inertia. You must provide leadership. You must inspire. The fact that you are in Information and Culture, or any other ministry, should not be an inhibition. Remember, it is not the size of the dog that matters, it is the size of the fight in the dog,”he emphasized.