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How A Mother Lured Her Daughter To A Pastor To Drug, Rape Her

Posted: Sep 19, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Felix Igbekoyi,


She took her daughter to a church for deliverance and miracles but instead of the deliverance and expected testimonies the daughter ended up been drugged and raped by the Pastor of the Church. Providence however set in as the Pastor who was able to pay for a hotel room; hotel food could not pay for a taxi fare. In the course of disagreement with the taxi driver he was arrested.

The victim, a 24-year-old lady who declined to reveal her identity especially her name, said she was never a member of the Holy Hill of Zion located along Akwuofor Road, Asaba, Delta State only that her mother forced her to go to the church in search of miracle and deliverance only to be raped into coma.

According to her, all entreaties to make her mother see reason not to patronize the pastor, of the new generation church, one Osakwe (other names withheld) who was said to have been a specialist in drugging unsuspecting young ladies and raping them, after which he removes vital organs from their bodies for rituals proved abortive.

Her mother’s mind was already made; hence she was coerced to go with her especially when one of her siblings who attended an all night programme at the church came home with testimonies about the spiritual powers of the pastor which he uses in performing miracles, adding that the testimony convinced her mum to lure her to drug rape.

Even when the Pastor told the mother to leave the lady with him in the church and that her daughter was old enough to have privacy, the women could not reason or carried away by deliverance and left them. ‘’He started asking me questions that if I will like to be coming to his church, that he would want to be seeing me regularly,’’ the lady confessed.

DSP Celestina Kalu, Public Relations Officer of Delta State Police Command, who confirmed the arrest, said the pastor allegedly drugged the victim before taking her to the hotel where he allegedly raped her, adding however that police rescued the suspect from a mob who descended on him after his secret blew open. She said investigation into the matter was still in progress.

Like the saying that every day for the thief and one day for the owner, the suspect known for carrying out his illicit act in the guise of performing deliverance for his victims with challenges is now cooling off his heels with the security Officers despite that his church has been vandalized by an angry mob after his last odyssey was exposed.

Trouble started for Pastor Osakwue when he went to drop the victim who had been in his custody for over 24 hours, very close to her house but her vigilant family members noticed the strange movement and seized it immediately.

Narrating her ordeal in the hands of the pastor at her hospital bed, say said: “We got there at about 10am on Monday 7th September 2015 but he (pastor) was not around. We waited till about 2pm when I told my mum that I wanted to go and repair my phone. However, on my way, I met the man, I never knew he was the one we had come for, and he stopped me and inquired why I was there. I told him that I came with my mum and that she was inside the church. He now asked where I was going and I told him that I was not there to see him but my mum wanted to see him. He insisted that I must see him. It was then I followed him to meet my mum and all of us went inside’’. 

“He started saying all sort of things about my family background that my mum will not reap the fruit of her labour; that they tied all of us which made me not to get married, that even the person that I am going out with was not serious with me. I did not believe all he said because my spirit did not accept that place initially. He now told my mum to go that I am old enough to have privacy, so my mum left us’’

‘’He started asking me questions that if I will like to be coming to his church, that he would want to be seeing me regularly. I told him that I am even a chorister in my own church, and that I don’t go to other churches and that it was because of my mum that I came to his church. He then said that he wanted to see me the next the day and that when coming, I should come with my cream, soap and perfume.”

But that was the beginning of her troubles as she went back on Wednesday 9th September 2015 to submit the requested items to the pastor who had also earlier requested for money on the ground that the enormity of the victim’s problem cannot be solved without money. She stated that by Thursday the next day, the pastor called her on phone to come and pick the items, that he was through with them, adding that it was at that point she left home after telling her relatives that she was going to church.

“When I got to the church, I did not get myself again, and the next place I found myself was the hotel on Federal College Road. I asked him what was our mission there he said I should shut up that I shouldn’t question him that he is a general, that nobody questions general. We got there at about 10am. From then we were exchanging words because I tried to make him see reason why he shouldn’t do what he wanted to do. He said no that I should thank my God that the spirit in me is bigger than the one in him. That if it were other girls he would have used them to do whatever he wanted to do. That he has seen it that I am very stubborn, that the spirit in me is very strong, hence he could not do what he planned.”

The victim said the pastor said if he could have his way, he would have to do it the other way round “he was forcing me to remove my clothes but I refused. He slapped me, pushed me and I was fighting with him and even broke his hand in the process. He told me that he was going to punish me for fighting him, that who am I to fight a general. So we were fighting from that 10am till 10pm, you can see my face. I told him that he has no conscience as a pastor, he said he was not a pastor that he is the general’’. 

“In the process of struggling with him, I succeeded in opening the door but he dragged my hair and flung me to the bed, he even pulled some of my hair. He warned that if I open my mouth to talk, I will not like what he will do to me. He said assuming I left the place the way I wanted to, he would have disgraced me, he would have told the security men to disgrace me, then if I want to cross the road, keke will knock me down and nobody will know my whereabouts’’. 

“I was praying that God should not allow the man’s wish to come to pass, and I was crying. He said I should not cry that my tears were spoiling things for him. I was shouting but nobody heard my voice. He boasted that nobody can do him anything that he was the general. Then I told him that I was hungry, he ordered them to bring semovita and vegetable soup for him, and asked them to prepare indomie for me. I took one spoon and started having pains in my stomach.”

It was at this point that the pastor got other ideas when he ordered for a bottle of Smirnoff ice, and allegedly laced it with substance which he gave to the victim to drink. “I drank it, and before I knew, he was dragging with me. He tore my undies. I was fighting with him but he overpowered me. The rest is left for the minds to read what happened”

Early the next day, having achieved his aim, the pastor summoned a cab operator to take the lady home not knowing he was heading to his waterloo but her family members who had become worried and had actually organized a search party for her, laid ambush only to see her alighting from the taxi in company of the pastor.

An eye witness confirmed that his sister “was just fainting” when she alighted from the car, adding, “I have to rush and immediately hold her. I called the police and they send officers immediately. Before the security men came, the suspect and the taxi driver were having disagreement. He wanted to escape when the taxi man held him that he has to pay the agreed money for the fare. It was when the taxi man held him that we joined to delay him until the police took him away to their station.”

This must have informed one of the reasons why the wife of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha has urged government at all levels to enforce the law on rape, to protect women and children in the country.

‘’We are aware of the national law on rape passed this year on May 25 (Prohibition Act 2015) which stipulates imprisonment ranging from 12 to 20 years. I advocate for the enforcement of this law at all levels. Unfortunately children are the most vulnerable, being exploited a different stages of their lives,’’ Aisha stated.