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When You Are Honest You’ll Get Everything Right –Oba Adenugba

Posted: Jul 27, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Not many people will survive what he went through when he newly ascended the throne but for Oba Adesina Adenugba the Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye, he was predestined to rule hence, he survived it. Oba Adenugba a first-class monarch is a round person in a round position- a former banker, a socialite and a philanthropist. Anthonia Duru was at his artistic-modern palace recently and the Oba spoke about his life in the palace and on other issues. 

11 years ago you ascended the throne and you said in one of your interviews that you are missing your freedom and social activities. Is that still the situation?

The situation is still the same but life being what it is, wherever you are, you need to be focused. God will endow you with what you need. Don’t forget that ascending this throne wasn’t designed by me but God’s will. Before ascending this throne just like you pointed out, I felt I am going to be incarcerated especially with my social life, I didn’t really know how to restructure myself especially with my coming from a corporate environment as a banker. God has given me all it entails to cope, the wonders of Almighty God has kept me.

You have talked severally about God’s benevolence on you, are you that religious?

I am very religious. I am a Muslim and I believe in Almighty Allah. People only see me as a socialite but they don’t know I am a Muslim to the core. I am proud. People see me as a socialite because of my exposure, my looks and my many activities. My late parents were core Muslims but they were socialites too, so, I inherited that from them. Socialization is an embodiment of many things which includes your culture and tradition. Philanthropy is also part of socialization.

Do you still maintain your former way of socializing?

With my years on the throne now, I have been able to rightly position myself to where I actually belong. I still go to my clubs once in a while just to see my people and some of them do come here once in a while to check on me. I have all the facilities on ground to accommodate people of all calibre. My own royal status doesn’t take me away from relating to my old friends. Don’t also forget that when you are good to people, they will always want to come back to relate with you. Being an Oba in a Yoruba land is very demanding because you have lots of families and I have to keep in touch with them because I cherish my relationship with people. I still honour invitations.

Your office looks so busy; do you still have time to read books as you display them here?

My orientation as a banker is that you need to read in order to progress in life. I still read because we keep learning daily. Don’t forget I was once a teacher, so, reading is part of me. I get myself busy by reading.

There is an old practise that the subjects take care of all the needs of the monarch. Is that still the case now?

That should be the case but that is not the case because most of our people are struggling to live. So many people knock on my door on a daily basis and I give to them. Many people advised me to set up a foundation but I declined because if you want to set up such, you need to have some money as it is not proper to depend on people for all you need. I had lots of setbacks on this throne which is attached to the burning down of the palace. The palace I met on ground wasn’t as big as this. I channelled all my resources to erect this new palace. I thank specially, the paramount ruler of Ijebu-land, Oba Dr. Sikiru Adetona who stood by me after the palace was burnt, Otunba Alex Onabanjo also stood firmly by me, Gen. Awosanya who is my Baba-oba also supported immensely, Senator Jubril Martins-Kuye was also a great supporter.

What was your staying power when you had challenges as a result of accusations and burning down of the palace shortly after you ascended the throne?

One of King Sunny Ade’s old songs says, ‘God called and choose me, he will glorify his beloved.’ That song keeps coming to my mind. I was a bit discouraged because I felt bad but God through that song was my staying power. There are some detractors who are bent on pulling me down, but God has designed many things for me. I don’t have any charm or any other source of power outside God and I will never relent in serving this Almighty Allah that is why I channel my heart towards God always. Thank God I have the support on my subjects but they have incited some against me, the youths are solidly behind me.

You are a recipient of many awards as you have displayed here, they came after you ascended the throne?

I got them all as an Oba. I can’t access myself but I think they all came as a result of my contributions to the society. I reject some, others even came asking me to accept becoming an honourary doctor, I declined. These awards and recognitions don’t make me. I am not hungry for them but they are just a testimony of some of my deeds. I return all the glory to Almighty Allah. I am currently pursuing my second masters at National Open University of Nigeria.

Do they give you preferential treatment as a traditional ruler?

Not really, they only accord me respect.

Is this just to boost your CV?

Not at all; I am studying Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution. It is for the benefit of my community at least I am not going into any labour market, just for the advancement of my community.

What is your typical day like?

I start each day with communication with my God, I do some few things at home and I come here to the office if I don›t have any engagement. I attend to people but my weekends are for my family especially when I don›t have engagements, I dedicate weekends for my family.

What do you consider before you dress?

I don’t dress because of anybody, I dress to satisfy myself. I am the image of my people so I also appear neat always. At times I appear in casual when I am not going out.

So how many beads do you have?

That should be a topic for another day. As a traditional ruler I have to dress like one, just like I use to dress like a banker when I was.

What are your guiding principles in life?

Absolute believe in God, honesty, focus and leave everything to God. When you are honest you will get everything right.

You are one of the very few traditional rulers who doesn’t endorse any political candidate or political party. Why did you choose to be different as regards this?

It is so because all politicians are our subjects. I don’t know why some kings do that but I am sure they have reasons for doing such. Our role model in Ijebu land is Awujale and he will never engage in such, so why should we do such? Any traditional ruler who gets involved in politics is putting himself in trouble.

How are your oloris?

They are doing very fine.

How many are they?

They are two.

Still counting?

Not at all. Had it been my first wife didn’t die, I wouldn’t have gone for a second wife. I enjoy living a free life. I lost her while preparing to ascend the throne.

That must have really weighed you down, how did you come over it?

It wasn’t easy, I thought they will choose another person but they insisted I get another wife and ascend the throne with her. I did and I married another wife after I got to the palace. I am very okay with them because they are very precious to me. I don’t marry forcefully as it is done in tradition but if any woman.