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Herdsmen Genocide, Fake Army And Southeast Governors’ Taciturnity

Posted: Apr 13, 2016 at 7:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


By Polycarp Onwubiko

In an assured maximum protection by the sectional Nigerian police, Army and sundry security operatives in the country, the terrorist and disguised Boko Haram insurgents in a muffled assignment, the Fulani herdsmen supposedly from Chad, Somalia and Mali, have not even bothered about the hair-raising reports in the newspapers about their gruesome gambits.

At Awgu, Enugu state the terrorists/disguised Boko Haram insurgents in the guise of herdsmen invaded the farms, kidnapping, raping women and other brazen impunity. In their legitimate anger and protest, the members of the community were allegedly mobilizing for action to rescue the two kidnapped indigenes, since it has become common knowledge that the security forces take sides with the murderous invaders. The supposed Nigeria Police, Army, Directorate of Security Services, DSS, have been apparently brainwashed to look askance, while the Fulani herdsmen are on their usual rampage since they are assured of maximum protection from the “powers-that-be”.

When the herdsmen got wind of the preparation of the communities for self-defence without harming any of them, not minding that they have kidnapped two persons, [they might have been slaughtered like cows], they informed their patrons in the army barracks from Enugu who, like lightening, swooped on the innocent villagers and taken them to the Zone 9 of police command at Umuahia. The military men deliberately did not take the reasonable procedure in taking the people to the divisional police office, DPO Awgu or to the commissioner of police, CP, Enugu for interrogation. The gimmick was pure intimidation, since it was not their constitutional duty to intervene in the clash between the arrogant herdsmen and the innocent villagers. How many Fulani herdsmen have been arrested? The arrest of the farmers was to cow other communities in the south.

The inspector general of police should restructure the process of reporting matters to the zonal offices because of the flagrant abuse and brazen show of opulence, connection and power by persons and groups. He should direct all DIGs to stop entertaining cases brought to them from the states, but to direct such to the DPOs and office of the commissioner of police.

Thanks to the harmless activities of the pro-Biafra group, The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra [IPOB] who blew the wanton atrocity open and exposed the taciturnity of the Enugu state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. The southeast governors have chosen to be timorous poltroons and minions of the feudal caliphate whenever the Fulani terrorists and genocide vermin struck. They hide in their cocoons, ostensibly, to avoid saying things that would prevent them from getting unmerited favours from the security agencies and the presidency, whose apparent conspicuous silence suggest that there is covert agenda to frustrate the secular status of Nigeria as provided in the constitution being panel-beaten in the national assembly. They naively pretend that the murderous gambits of the Boko Haram in another form does not merit their attention to come out and speak truth to the presidency in view of the potential danger the entire country is being slowly programmed for unmitigated disaster and conflagration.

IPOB has dismissed the claim of the Army command, Enugu that it does not know about the ‘fake’ army. The presidency should investigate the ‘fake’ army that arrested the innocent villagers in Awgu community in Enugu state, along with the helicopters that dropped food and weapons to the Fulani invaders at a village in Plateau state, and the horrendous Agatu killings. Instead of commanding the army and police to flush out the murderers, an investigation was directed by the presidency, while the people are languishing in refugee camps and going through privations. One wonders who is fooling whom.

According to a report in The Authority Newspaper, March 28 2016, IPOB has accused the federal government of foul play in the arrest of the villagers with’ fake’ soldiers. IPOB contends that “the said fake soldiers are Boko Haram elements, who are disguising as herdsmen to maim, kill and eliminate South-Easterners in their own land. There appears to be a hidden agenda in handling the arrested Boko Haram insurgents. As revealed in Ekwulobia, they are being fed with nice food, different from the regular prison inmates. They have not been diligently prosecuted and executed as is being done in neighbouring countries like Chad and Cameroun.

IPOB said: “If they are fake soldiers as claimed, who handed them over to fake police? Who prepared the fake charges against them and transferred them to fake zone 9? Who took them to the fake court and remanded them in fake prison”. It accused President Muhammadu Buhari of working to actualize a secret agenda reached with Islamic nations during his visit to Quatar as one of the conditions for joining the Islamic Coalition against terror.