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Hadassah Foundation At 10; Lamai Recounts Milestones

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Aramide Oikelome,


Going by the kind of setting in which she was raised, the level of education she attained and the privileged position she now occupies as an Administrator with a Multinational Company, one would have expected her to be so finicky and sophisticated about her association and passion. Conversely, she stands dogged as a restless soul; whose primary joy is in uplifting the downtrodden, especially women and girls.

For this singular mission, Adenike Lamai has transversed many communities at home and abroad, bringing healing to social rejects; especially broken and battered women and their families through her Hadassah Healing Foundation, a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization, which started ten years ago like a mustard seed but has so grown in leaps and bounds that it has brought succor to over seven thousand women across the globe.

President, Hadassah Healing Foundation and her team donating statationery to pupils Local Government Primary School, Aparadija

President, Hadassah Healing Foundation and her team donating statationery to pupils Local Government Primary School, Aparadija

Her words, “My destiny is to reach out to the unreachable and the unlovable. I am not called out to the high and mighty who feel they don’t need God. I am called out to those women who feel, ‘There is something about me that I don’t understand and I don’t think this world has been fair.’ I tell such people that if the world has not been fair to them; God loves them and can make something beautiful out of them. My destiny is to bring out something out of nothing. My destiny is to mould that woman that feels, ‘I can’t make it in life.’”

“By the grace of God, I have a couple of them that have felt like this world is not for people like us or I can’t sit amongst certain class of people and I tell them, ‘You can walk tall! I tell them that ‘even though you are today seated on the floor, you can find yourself on the horse; you can find yourself sitting with kings. It depends on how you believe and what you think God can make out of you.’ The change starts with you; then you light up your world.’” assures Pastor Nike, as she is fondly called.

She upholds that her mission is “to reach out to as many women as possible; bring them out of obscurity into limelight; bring them out of their state of rejection and dejection and make them know that there is something about them that the world is waiting for. It is to bring out the destitute, the drug addict and every woman that feels that this world is not for people like her.”

In fulfilling this, Adenike Lamai recounts, “I have counseled a number of people who feel like ‘Pastor, you don’t understand’ and I tell them, ‘I understand because it is actually people like you that God is looking out for; people like Rahab, Esther and Mary Magdalene. Who would have thought that a slave girl like Esther could ever make it to the throne? That means God specializes in lifting up the downtrodden that look up to him for help and I tell you, God has changed their stories.”

Expectedly, this insatiable passion to save women from destruction is one without boundaries; hence it has impacted women in all regions of Nigeria and other countries like Philippines and United Kingdom amongst others through the annual Hadassah Healing Conference, which comes as a festival of praise, prayer and the move of the Holy Spirit, with about two thousand women in attendance every year. Although mainly for women, the conference also welcomes men and youths who come to share in the encounter with the Spirit of God.

In addition, the conference provides opportunity to award educational scholarship to indigent students, donate relief materials to agencies and organizations as well as empower selected women from local communities under the auspices of Hadassah Skill Acquisition Programme. 

Ahead of the 10th Hadassah Conference scheduled to hold this Saturday, 19th September at the National Stadium, Surulere, Pastor Nike Lamai recently led her team to tour some key establishments in Lagos where they donated relief materials and also ministered in word and prayer to the people.

First was a visit to Local Government Primary School, Aparadija, on June 25, 2015. The visit featured a motherly address from the President of the Foundation to the Pupils, requesting them to aspire for a greater future. She also prayed for them, after which stationery gift items were given to the over 400 pupils of the school.

Also, the Foundation visited Ifako- Ijaye Local Government Health Centre on July 2, 2015. During this visit, they donated several gifts which included; Plastic Chairs, Bed sheets and pillow covers to support the effort of the health centre. Pastor Nike also made cash donation to a woman who had just been delivered of a bouncing baby boy.

Thereafter was a courtesy visit to Old People’s Home in Lancaster Road, Yaba, on July 4, 2015 where the Foundation made donations of toiletries, staple food items (beans, rice, salt, garri etc) as well as dresses for the female senior citizens to the Home. The team also spent quality time to fellowship with the senior citizens as they sang praises, danced, read the scriptures and prayed together. The senior citizens ‘reciprocated’ by praying for long life and prosperity for every member of the team.

The highpoint was the visit to the female wing of Kirikiri Prison, which was done in collaboration with Optimal Cancer Care Foundation (a team of nurses and doctors) basically to provide cancer screening and treatment services to 100 inmates. A total of 75 women (inmates) were screened, out of which 10 were Positive for the Pre-cancerous lesions on the cervix. A lady was also discovered to have a lump in her right Breast and she was referred to the Prison’s Medical Director for further investigation and treatment. The 10 women with positive lesions were immediately treated and arrangement for free follow up care was made for the Inmates upon their discharge from Prison. Before the screening exercise was carried out, Pastor Adenike Lamai led the inmates in songs of praises and worship to God and also prayed for them.  Thereafter, she encouraged them to draw closer to God and trust Him for their miraculous discharge from the Prison. She also had exclusive counseling sessions with some of the inmates.     

In addition, the team also visited 10 communities within Lagos and Ogun, basically to empower the ‘less than average’ women in these communities by introducing/training them in 4 different skills; Basket weaving, Ankara Craft, Make-UP and Tie & Dye, all at no cost to these women.

This, Pastor Nike Lamai says “is one of the many ways Hadassah is giving back to the society.”