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Group urges FG To Take ‘Affirmative action’ To Develop Agric Sector

Posted: Oct 15, 2015 at 3:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Tanzanian Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) has advised the Federal Government to take positive steps to develop the agriculture sector.

Juma said that the government could use the principles of Ecological Organic Agriculture to prevent the encroachment of the Sahara desert on especially the Northern states of the federation.

“I would advise the Nigerian government to put an affirmative action, using the resources they are getting from the oil and invest in something that is sustainable.

“And there is no other sustainable thing like the ecological organic agriculture.

“Get the people understand, using their own resources, making sure that the land can continuously become sustainable.

“Nigeria, you are too close to Sahara desert.

“But the way of organic agriculture through all its principles, it can be the best tool to prevent the encroachment of Sahara desert;

“Also to maintain the productivity on the marginal length and to make sure that it can take care of the growing population, invest in organic agriculture for sustainable development and the livelihood of the people of Nigeria.

“Oil will finish, organic agriculture will not finish the land; it is regenerative, it will regenerate the land and it will make it there for the next generation to come.”

The TOAM chairperson was in Nigeria to attend the African Organic Agriculture Conference, hosted by the Nigerian Organic Agriculture Network (NOAN).

She is also the International Funds for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Country Office Programme Officer for Tanzania.

She has this to say about the Fund’s efforts towards developing organic agriculture project.

“IFAD as an International Fund for Agricultural Development is a funder and its main instrument is a loan through the government

“And in discussion with the government on what they want to use the money for so that they development the project or that one.

“So, IFAD in a way, it does not have a bias and say it’s only supporting organic or it is only supporting what.

“It goes into the need of a country and in an agreement, coming more closely into the empowerment of the farmers to make their own choices.

“And we’ve (TOAM) already recognise that if we do a lot of empowerment, the farmers recognise it and then they say, okay we want to go through organic, how can you help us?

“So we designed a project that can help them to understand better what is organic and then to enter into market opportunity to use available standard for the local market.

“So, for IFAD, it does not discriminate.

“So it depends on the awareness of the country at the government level to recognise and to request support for that kind of development if they want it to be done for the organic movement.”