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Government’s Seriousness, Sincerity Doubtful

Clean-up Of Ogoni Land Begins
Posted: Jul 3, 2016 at 6:12 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

To Mr. Justus Udumebrueye, a political analyst and commentator on public affairs, The Ogoni clean-up exercise is a mere political jamboree. He maintained that so far, “there is nothing on ground to show any seriousness on the path of President Buhari after the so-called launching of the clean-up campaign till date Why did it even take such a long time to kick-start the process anyway? I do not think the FG is sincere with the programme. They are only playing to the gallery to score cheap political goals”.

Nobody Should Stampede Government But Engr. Emiko Dore, a retired oil and gas expert and publisher, maintained that the clean-up exercise is a very long process and will take a minimum of 15-20 years to accomplish. He wondered why there is what he termed “unwarranted haste” now that a government has shown the willingness to undertake the job after the court judgment against the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC).

Dore stressed that the previous government lacked the political will to kick-start the programme. Son he stated: “We must give President Buhari kudos for his unwavering support to implement same. The fact that it was not appropriated in the 2016 budget should not be any problem to us because it is the SPDC that was fined that is the major financiers of the programme and perhaps must have paid the money into an escrow account.

“So, people should not be commenting from the point of ignorance. A lot of laboratory tests and analyses, both in and outside the country, must be executed with the result coming out first for any meaningful job to take off.

“In fact, when anything will even start, it will not make meaning to some people because it will commence with paper work on the drawing board, with a lot of board meetings and sittings. Clean-up exercise of the magnitude of the Ogoni type is not tea party. Nobody should stampede the FG for any reason whatsoever. It is not a political jamboree as most opposition politicians want to make us believe.

“In the whole exercise, perhaps the FG may not be contributing any meaningful amount apart from providing the security and enabling environment and other logistics. So, we have to be very patient. SPDC is a very meticulous oil company that does not embark on any project without first being sure of its viability and success.”