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Government Must Expose Sponsors Of Boko Haram – Adegunloye

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Bola Adegunloye a retired police officer is the Egbeji Ologun of Nigeria who has been making political predictions in the country.  In this interview with Augustine Adah; he speaks about the good step taken by President Muhammadu Buhari to restore the country’s dignity. He also warns the president to take some precautions against some people that want to frustrate his efforts. Excerpts:



You have been in the job of offering advice and predicting what would happen to politicians and other Nigerians, what is your assessment of Buhari’s administration in the past four months?

President Muhammadu Buhari has genuine intention of correcting the ills perpetuated by previous administrations in the country and by every standard; he has made some good steps towards achieving the objective. His decision to stop corruption in the country is commendable looking at what corruption has done to both political and economic development of the country since Independence. But my fear is that some people who are not happy with what he is doing would want to sabotage his efforts. I would like him to be careful and watch out because these are determined and would go to the extent of hurting him.

You predicted his victory and said so many things about him long before the presidential elections, have you met Buhari before he became president?

I have not met him before. But I have a good relationship with some leaders of APC right from the time of ACN. So during the presidential campaigns before the general elections I met some leaders of the party whom we discussed and strategised about the victory of the party. I also knew much about his late father who was a great man of Daura.  He owned a lot of cattle and it was difficult for anybody to steal any of his cattle when he was alive. Those that made any attempt would on their own return the cattle to him.  It is an indication that the man was brave and nobody could dare him when he was alive.  I believe Buhari must have inherited a lot of qualities from his late father that is helping him in the administration of the country.  I am sure if the man can prayerfully select those that would work with him; he would give the country the best in the next four years.

Do you believe the present anti corruption effort of the administration would achieve its purpose?

Buhari is known for his integrity and we have high regard for him in our association.  The anti-corruption war is a difficult battle to fight but with what we have seen from him, the country would be better at the end of the day. I want to say that by June next year some of the critics of Buhari would have a change of mind because of what he must have done by that time. Although Buhari is not a magician as some people have said but I believe he has the concern for the country’s development  which would spur him to work for the admiration of all.   Remember this is the president that is not aspiring to have properties in VGC, Lagos or any other parts of the world, so the country would do well with Buhari. The only advice I have is for him to be resolute and not allow those against him to frustrate his efforts.  I commend him for the ongoing proves in the country but it must be extended to some pastors in the country who deceived the former president and the country wasted a lot of money on them.         

As a retired police officer, how do you assess the present performance of security agents in tackling Boko Haram insurgency in the country?

The new administration of Buhari must be commended for the effort made to bring down insurgency in the country.  I believe it is just a matter of time Boko Haram insurgency would become a thing of the past in the country. However, the government must move further by investigating and exposing sponsors of this heinous act against humanity.  It is not enough for the present administration to just stop at ending Boko Haram, I believe Nigerians are interested if the government can unmask those behind the insurgency that has claimed close to million   lives in the country.  This is the area that I would advise the government to consult traditionalists because we would be able to assist the government in identifying those behind the crime.

How do you assess the present administration in Lagos State?

The young man in the saddle is trying his best though things may take time. I believe Akinwunmi Ambode would continue from where his predecessor Fashola stopped in the state. Government is a continuous process and I believe with his wealth of experience Lagosians should expect the best from him.

Traditionalists have been clamouring for a role in government, what role did you think they can perform in the present democratic government?

Traditional herbal practitioners have a lot of contributions to make in the present democratic dispensation in the country.  Before I continue don’t forget that we have been appealing for recognition and to be given a secretariat but that has not been properly done. Like orthodox medical practitioners, we want recognition as it is done in India. The encouragement they have been receiving from the government in that country is lacking in our own case here. That is why I want to appeal to the new government of Buhari to expedite action on that. All the appeals and suggestions we made to the immediate past administration did not yield the needed result but this time around, I am praying that President Buhari would do something on that. There is nothing bad in appointing a special adviser on traditional medicine because we believe the country needs our support and service. Some of the ailments that have made some people to travel abroad for treatment could be handled in the country if we are properly supported.