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Gosporella, Ringtone, Bridging The Gospel Divide

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 at 4:17 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Hazeez Balogun – Lagos
Nigerian music scene and that of its Kenyan counterpart are similar in a lot of ways but there is one big difference between the two. While Kenyans listen to a lot of Nigerian secular songs, their industry remains dominated by gospel music. Unlike Nigeria where the Davidos and Wizkids reign supreme, in Kenya, their equivalent of Yinka Ayefele, and Gozie Okeke are kings.
In other words, Kenyan music is dominated by gospel music. They play them in the night clubs, parties, hotels, radios, they are everywhere just like Olamide and Phyno are everywhere here.
This difference between the two industries has got some people interested and they have seen an opportunity in it. Africa’s biggest gospel DJ, Kenyan Gospel superstar, Ringtone and DJ Gosporella have come together and reached an agreement to spread Kenyan gospel music in Nigeria and to also do the same for Nigerian gospel music in Kenya.
The partnership is born out of the fact that Kenyan music industry produces so much gospel music but they hardly spread around Africa. Also, Nigeria secular music are all over Africa, yet very few of our gospel music have been able to spread across Africa. The two powerhouses say they have figured out a way to bridge the divide and take advantage of the situation.
Speaking on the project, Ringtone says, “Africa is big and we need to do collaborations to be able to spread wide. Collaborations will not only be in terms of singing with each other, but collaborations to up our businesses and lift our industries as well. Look at what we are doing with Gosporella, we are trying to spread Kenyan gospel to West Africa and also to spread Nigerian gospel across Kenya and East Africa.
“There are a lot of opportunities that abound. In our country for example, all these endorsements are by gospel artistes and not secular artistes. So I think this is exportable to everywhere including Nigeria. Kenya started Mobile Money across the world, maybe our next big export will be our gospel music.”
Speaking on his collaboration with Ringtone, DJ Gosporella says he hopes to empower gospel musicians across Nigeria and all over Africa. “I have known Ringtone for a while now. He performed at my Funfest in 2013. Today, we are working on how to bridge the gap between East Africa and West Africa when it comes to gospel music.
“I look at Ringtone and Tim since they have been here and I know the number of phone calls they get from Kenya asking them to come back home. Gospel musicians in Nigeria are not getting as much attention as these people are in their country. It is time to see what they are doing right and what we are doing wrong, and apply that to our industry. We also need to export our Christian music as well. This collaboration I bet you will be a good exposure for gospel music both in East and West Africa. I have no doubt about that.”
Kenyan artist, Ringtone and his producer, Tim (I’m Still Alive) have been in Nigeria for some days now and have been touring radio stations across the country. He has also done a collaboration with Nigerian gospel artiste, Joe Praiz and will be shooting the video in Kenya soon.
Gosporella will also be in Kenya next month to have a meeting with gospel musicians in the country as part of moves to kick start the East meets West project.
DJ Gosporella Africa is a foremost gospel DJ, and has been plying his trade for over two decades. He also owns the only Nigerian Online Gospel and Inspiration radio station.
Ringtone is the leader of Kenya’s new-school gospel movement. Coming from a very poor background, he was able to find God while trying to seek an easy life. After school he went straight into music and Kenyans quickly endeared to his blend of gospel music. Today he has a huge following and is feted by the political class.