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The gospel of change according to Koffi

Posted: Apr 10, 2015 at 5:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Anthonia Soyingbe / Snr Reporter,lagos


Change has been the slogan since General Muhamadu Buhari was declared winner of the March 28, Presidential election. Ace Comedian Koffi Idowu popularly known as Comedian Koffi but who prefers to be addressed as ‘Koffi Tha guru’ has joined other Nigerians to preach attitudinal change so as to achieve the desired positive change in Nigeria.



Koffi who though didn’t openly queue behind any politician during the campaigns, is believed to have supported the candidature of Buhari and he celebrated his victory through his Blackberry and on other social media platforms.

On Wednesday, he sent out a message encouraging Nigerians to do the right thing so as to get the desired change. Here is his gospel of change;

“When someone in the car ahead of you throws waste on the road, drive next to him, roll down your window and shout; ‘Change!’

At the point of entry of either air or sea port, a custom or immigration official is trying to collect bribe, shout; ‘Change!’.

A landlord that habitually increases a house rent, shout to him; ‘Change!’.

Any irregularity in the measurement of food items in the market or display of fake material in a supermarket or drug store, shout; ‘Change!’

Any lecturer that is hell bent to collect bribe either in cash or kind, shout to him; ‘Change!’

Any public or private servant that is stealing our national heritage, shout; ‘Change!’

When a police officer stops your car and says, “Oga, anything for the boys?”, tell him, “Change!”.

When you walk past any Nigerian who throws paper or banana peel on the floor, stop him and tell him; ‘change!’

If the church or mosque opposite your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighborhood, visit them and say; ‘Change sir!’