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Good Wives, Mothers Create Time For Their Families –Thompson

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She is many things rolled into one, a housewife, pastor and farmer. In this interview,

Pastor (Mrs.) Moromoke Fatimo Thompson shares the secrets of her success in life, home and career as a farmer in spite of the challenges she faces in all her daily vocations. She spoke to ARAMIDE OIKELOME.

It is a pleasure meeting you today. Would you like to tell us a little about your background, education and marriage?

My name is Pastor (Mrs.) Moromoke Fatimo Thompson. I was born on May 4, 1962. I am a native of Ibadan. I hail from a family of Owolabi. My father is late and by God’s grace my mother is alive, Mrs. Haolatu Aduke Owolabi. I had my primary education at St. John’s Primary School, Eleta, Ibadan. From there, I proceeded to Ibadan Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan. After the completion of my secondary school, there was no money to further my education. I decided to work at Nigerian Biscuits Manufacturing Company, Alomaja village, near Ogunmakin, Ibadan, for a year to save some money. I got admission into The Polytechnic, Ibadan to study Computer Science. I had my OND in Computer Studies and went to Oyo State Computer Centre, then Accountant General’s Office, Secretariat, Ibadan for my industrial attachment. This was to allow me go back to school for my HND programme.

I met my husband during the programme. He was then a Computer Analyst, heading the Oyo State Computer Centre. During my one-year industrial attachment, I got married to my him. He is Dr. Emmanuel Afolabi Thompson, an Ijesha man. I had my first baby before I returned back to school to complete my HND.


What was it like growing up?

Growing up is a normal process, which must take place. The joy of it is that when one is looking back and you see what God has done during the process, then there are so many reasons to say ‘Thank you, Lord.’


You are a wife, mother, pastor, farmer and businesswoman. No doubt, you have your hands full. How are you able to joggle all your obligations and strike a balance?

Yes, by the grace of God, I am a wife, a mother, businesswoman, a farmer, a pastor. To strike a balance is by the power of God. Holy Spirit is my teacher and in actual sense, He does so many things on my behalf. From the look of things, it is not possible to perform the obligations without the help of God. I was a Muslim by birth, but I got married to a Christian. I had genuine encounter with Jesus Christ and since then, He took over and the spirit of God instructs, directs and does all necessary planning for me.


Why did you take to farming as a career? What was the attraction?

When I was very young, I had an opportunity to visit a farm very close to Prospect High School, Abanla, near Ogunmakin in Oyo State. Then I was in Form One and what I saw that day was so attractive. But then, I did not know what God has in stock for me. I saw how the chicken laid eggs and at interval, those eggs were picked and properly arranged in the crates. I fell in love with the whole exercise and left the place. When I was running my HND programme, one of our lecturers taught us as a lady, we must not spend all our time to work for any organisation. She advised us that for us to be good wives and good mothers, we must create time for our families. We were advised to set a target for ourselves maximum of 10 years to work, after which we must start our own business no matter how small. I took to this advice.

After working for eight years as a Senior System Engineer at Joint Komputer Kompany (JKK), Ilupeju, Lagos, I started the poultry in the gate house of our building. It was very interesting. The choice between starting poultry and working as a software engineer gave me opportunity to look after my children and my home. I was able to look into my children academics. I was their lesson teacher. We read together. Also, I was their hair dresser because most of them are girls.


What difference has this choice made in your life and family? Are you fulfilled?

I can categorically say I am fulfilled. By taking the right step at the right time, this helped me and my family. There is no business that does not have challenges. But ability to endure is what make a success. In fact, challenge is a sign for success. It was not easy at a point, but power of persistence helped me to survive. There was a time the chicken did not lay as expected, but I kept moving and asking the people who knew more than me. Some times, the chicken died; but I refused to give up.


Today, we have a lot of women that are financially handicapped due to joblessness or confinement by their husbands. Should a woman be a full time housewife? Should she depend solely on her husband for all her needs and those of the family?

Honestly, women that are full house wives are not fulfilling the plan of God for their lives. How can you allow a man to cage your destiny under the pretence of being a full house wife? In the olden days that our forefathers even married more wives, none of them stayed without working. All the wives would go to farm to help their husbands. No matter what the husband gives, the wives are not supposed to be only consumers. They should be  distributors too. The Bible says that God Almighty worked for six days and on the seventh day He rested. We are Children of God. I think we should resemble our father and work.

I heard of a woman that got married and became a full house wife. Along the line, she had five children and everything was going on well. At a point, something happened and the husband asked her to go. The family begged the man, but he insisted that the woman must leave his house. The woman finished from the university, but did not use the certificate to work for a day. It was after the man laid her off that she started looking for employment and she was getting to her late 40s and it was so difficult to get a place to work, even up till now.


If she wants to work, but can’t get a paid employment, what should she do?

What I will advise is that instead of being a full house wife, one can start business. With that, you will have time for your husband and your children. Wives should not depend solely on the husbands. It does not help at all. Nobody prays for early death; but death is inevitable. If it happens, how will the woman cope with the issues of the home? If the man leaves millions in the bank account before departure, it will finish one day. If a woman cannot not get a paid employment, she should start a business. Pray about it and God will show her what to do for a living. All the big organisations started from somewhere before they got to where they are. Just make sure you do the thing that you love doing or you are comfortable in doing. That is your vision. If you pursue it with prayer, you will get there. You can start small, but think big. The only house that started from top is the grave. So, start from the lowest level and build on it and let God be your senior partner in that business.


What happens if her husband does not permit her to work?

If the husband does not permit a wife to work,  she should go to God in prayer that God should touch the heart of the man. Matthew 33:6 says that when you ask you will receive. To all Nigerian women, I have a word of advice. Every one of us should wake up, especially in this coming dispensation. We have a role to play to move Nigeria forward. When the family is united, the nation will be united. The women should be pillars in the house and not caterpillar. They should be help-mate to their husbands (Gen 2:8). We should train our children in the way of the Lord (Prov 22:6). We should build formidable team as a family. We should put God first in the home and always pray together, for a family that prays together stays together (Act 1:14). We should contribute to the growth of our economy by engaging in a good business venture. God help us as women to move the country forward.