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Gloria Maduka: From Music To OAP

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Award-winning Nigerian-born Gloria Maduka is a unique international singer-songwriter. Her music and dance styles are influenced by mainstream pop rock infused with African elements. From a tender age, Maduka was exposed to some of the music industry’s greatest artistes including Bob Marley, Christy Lane, Mary McKee and The Genesis, Jim Reeves, Amy Grant, and Abba. These childhood influences spurred her music interest. As a teenager in Africa, Maduka began to perform in churches to large audiences. The connection she felt with the audiences and several ovations she received led to the creation and direction of her church’s youth choir for three years before departing for the U.S. to further pursue her career in music and college degrees.

Gloria Maduka

Gloria Maduka

Maduka sang and played music at every opportunity. She made the headlines with one publication labeling her as “bringing down the house.”

She hosted her own local TV talk show on campus and was the anchor for the Livingston Community News. Maduka was also frequently invited to perform at a number of sporting events, special events, and pageants.

In the summer of 2002, Maduka was offered an internship on Capitol Hill, Washington DC where she came in contact with a few music industry executives who encouraged her to pursue music as a career.

Maduka has developed a unique trademark which is enhanced by her ability to also write and sing in Yoruba and Spanish.

Her techniques with the conga, bongo, and djembe among other percussion instruments set her apart from other female artistes. In spite of Maduka graduating Magna Cum Laude and being the only Honors student in her graduating class, she gave up law school in pursuit of her music dreams.

A few months later, Maduka was invited to sing her own rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at a Barron’s baseball game. In addition to performing in the U.S., Canada, and Nigeria, she has been showcased on TV and radio stations. She was also one of 40 out of 12,000 contestants in Jacksonville, Florida chosen to audition in front of American Idol judges in 2008. She was featured singing on the show during the 2009 season.

Maduka’s debut album, ‘Of Light and Angels,’ is an eclectic mix of Alternative Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Soul, with her unique style of delivery blending all the tracks on the album together. It is a testimony that anyone can go as far as they can dream. It is a very personal album that speaks about life and love experiences which showcase her from the heart. The assortment of the stories, which are arranged sequentially, contributes to the overall eclectic vibe of the album. The songs have been a work-in-progress for many years as Maduka traveled through her own journey of life to develop an album that her fans would be able to identify with their own experiences.

Aside from her impending EP, album, and single releases, Maduka has performed a special bonus song, ‘Into The Light,’ for the soundtrack of the horror movie Mansion of Blood starring award-winning actors Gary Busey, Robert Picardo and Terry Moore set to be in theaters worldwide.

In September 2011, Maduka was awarded ‘Best New Act’ at the NPA Awards in Atlanta, GA. She also opened the show with a memorable performance.

In November 2011, due to popular demand, Maduka visited her fans in South Africa and made several media appearances. The video for her single, Wandering Away was launched on and has been rotating on airwaves throughout the country. She is currently working on the video for her second single, Crazy 4 U which has also received favorable reviews.

Today Maduka is back in her fatherland, Nigeria and is making a lot of impact. She was once the lead afternoon anchor on the Inspiration FM. She later moved to the Cool family where she has various show both on television and radio. She also has a show called ‘The Legendary Show.’ Her impact has been felt in other levels including giving back to the society. She has hosted big events and has also won awards for her worked in Nigeria. There is still more to be expected from Gloria.