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Gender Equality And ‘Feminism’

Posted: Sep 15, 2016 at 5:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

John Njamah
Today’s topic is very sensitive; so do not be too quick to crucify me but try and make sense from my ‘nonsense’ and see beyond the line.
The creative industry has seen the steady rise of a few female practitioners over the years; a welcome development and about time too if you ask me – however, in their attempt to be heard and to make themselves known in the course of their trade, a few of them try to inculcate the ideals of FEMINISM (which is not totally a bad thing). What is questionable here is the approach. The dictionary defines FEMINISM as “the doctrine advocating social, political and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” The adjective of feminism is FEMINIST, which means an advocate of such “rights.”
While some of our female counterparts get this right by telling their stories from a female perspective (from their various works of life), and giving the female folks a voice – to be heard, others think being a feminist is to fight the men by any means necessary for equal right regardless.
The creative industry is devoid of gender or sexes, there is no such thing as male or female, that is why we have just actors, producers, directors, poets, writers, dancers, singers, artists, musicians, performers and so on… in this regard, a male can be a feminist if he chooses to inculcate the ideals of feminism in his works. The fact that you are female is not a direct ticket to be a feminist.
To a very large extent, we as creative minded people can do a lot better – we can be more productive without gender expectations. Gender expectation is a recipe for retrogression, it holds us back and deter our sense of creativity. These silent gender rules govern our existence and invariably detect to us consciously and or unconsciously how we approach our lives especially in regards to the opposite sex.

The eternal battle of the sexes or the battle for equality if you may, did not start today and will not end anytime soon. However, there are some basic natural laws of nature bestowed on us by default as man and woman. Based on these natural rules, we all have different roles to play in our society as men and as women. If only women can understand and identify with her position in our society they will understand why they cannot be equals to men… yes, they can claim equality in regards to what they do and even surpass the men in certain works of life. The day man assumes CHAMP in the home front woman will begin to lose her identity… get my drift? Most women (if not all) take offence when they refer to them as the weaker sex – reality check!! You are made that way, and by that I am talking about the physiognomy. Women are not built to be as strong as men. Because you are known and referred to as the weaker sex does not mean you are not strong in the mind and or posses other stronger values… woman! Be first and foremost a WOMAN before adding other values to your default attribute (mental or physical). You are the owners of the home, the backbone of man, you have the keys to the success of your home. You have the magic wand… use it and stop trying to assume man’s position… we are naturally wired differently.
For man… that’s another article entirely.