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Gale of Defections: Labour Party accuses  PDP of  not playing  opposition politics

Posted: Apr 11, 2015 at 10:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By David Odama,  Abuja

With the mass defection from other political parties to APC especially the ruling PDP, members without looking at the implication, the Labour Party has expressed  worries over what it described as danger of the All Progressive Congress (APC) turning Nigeria into a one party state when it finally assumed  power in May this year, especially in the face of a decimated and cowed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which is not prepared to play opposition politics.

The party in a statement issued by the National Secretary of the Party Dr. Olukayode  Ajulo in Abuja yesterday  said events since the flag bearer of the APC was declared winner of the March 28 presidential election have shown that the APC is a party of intolerant go-getters, who would not brook opposing views, much less allow an opposition party to survive.

“With the APC, there is no doubt that our fledgling democracy is at risk of devouring avariciousness of a one-party state” noting  that a case in point is the haste with which the party has encouraged its members in Ekiti State to uprising, even when there is a case pending in court over crisis in the House of Assembly.

“They hurried to Ekiti led by 19 ousted lawmakers in a manner that can best be described as an invasion, even when an election is a mere one week away and in circumstances unbecoming of member of a party that claims to be an agent of change”

On the APC  destancing itself from the statement credited to the Oba of Lagos over a curse he placed on Ibos living in Lagos that if the Igbos refused to vote for his candidate, Akinwumi Ambode of the APC as the next Governor of Lagos, Ajulo said it smirks of  Insecerity and deceit.

Carpeting the APC over the crisis in Rivers state, Ajulo noted that in its bid to keep causing political unrest , encouraging rancor and intimidating opposition, even before it takes over  power, the APC has turned Rivers State into a battle ground through spurious allegations and protests.

“It is interesting that while the APC is busy marching on Abuja and petitioning over results from the South-South and South-East where the party was defeated, it is yet to find its voice regarding the issue of underage voting,  non-usage of card readers in the core North where the party got unbelievable landslide victory”

According to him,  the opposition must be prepared for an enduring battle to save our democracy while chiding the PDP for it’s inability to present a picture of a party ready to play opposition in the coming dispensation.

“The PDP have serious problems in, Ondo, Abia, Adamawa, Kwara, Edo States  where the party leaderships have all moved into the APC and in several other states, the party is in disarray”,  Ajulo declared.

“The PDP is not prepared to play its part as opposition. But then our democracy has to be saved from the looming danger of an emerging one party state. We must not fail to learn a lesson from the exemplary response of President Goodluck Jonathan to the outcome of the March 28 presidential election in building a strong opposition from the scratch”

“Our party, the Labour Party, believes that this is a task that must be done and done in earnest. We are ready to play our part. We are ready to bell the cat. It is an onerous duty. To save our democracy and Our country Nigeria is a task that must be done. It is time to act.”