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Fuel Scarcity Worsens In Minna

Posted: Nov 18, 2015 at 12:32 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Chinwendu Nnadozie, Minna

The scarcity of petroleum products in Minna, the Niger State capital, and its environs has persisted.

The situation has therefore prompted the state branch of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) to call on the Federal Government to direct private depots across the country to sell Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to its members at regulated price of N77.66 per litre.

The scarcity, now in its second week, has forced users especially motorists to patronize black marketers at between N200 to N300 per litre against the Federal Government approved price of N87.

Apart from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Mega station along Nnamdi Azikiwe way where the products are sold at government price, other filling stations are still hoarding the commodity and selling to black marketers only at nights for between N100 and N150 per litre.

Another NNPC station at Sango area, Tunga, has also joined the independent marketers to sell at cut-throat price of N150 and above and only at nights as alleged by a motorist, Halilu Inde, who accused the management station of promoting black marketing of petroleum products.

Meanwhile, IPMAN in Niger State has called on the Federal Government to intervene on the artificial scarcity of petroleum products in the state by prevailing on private depots across the country to sell Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to its members at regulated price of N77.66 per litre.

State IPMAN Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Erena, while speaking to journalists on the persistent fuel scarcity, said that the Federal Government’s intervention would guarantee members selling the product at government approved rate of N87 per litre.

Erena told journalists on Tuesday, “We the Independent Petroleum Marketers have intentions of making our people suffer but because we buy at N87 and as a businessman wanting to make profit, we cannot sell at cost price we buy from private depots.

“The truth is that NNPC cannot supply us with enough fuel so the private depots are cashing on that to do what they want. When you go to the private depots to purchase PMS you are forced to pay N77.66 to the company as approved by the government.

“Then you are made to pay the difference of N10 in a private bank account totaling N87. So how can you sell at the same N87? It is not possible; if you do, you will be out of business.”

Erena also decried a situation whereby the private depots sell PMS to members of IPMAN at N87 per litre and same government regulating the process expects them to sell to motorists at the same rate after transporting the product to various parts of the country.

“The DPR is expected to regulate the price of fuel from the depots to our various filling stations but it is not doing that rather it is clamping down on filling stations of members. If the DPR can assist IPMAN to get PMS at the approved rate of N77.66 then members can sell to motorists and other people at N87 per litre”.

While calling on the DPR to check the sharp practices of private depots in the country to ensure availability of PMS at approved rate, Erena said, “When we purchase fuel at N87 or more per litre you don’t expect us to sell at the same price”.