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FRSC Lacks Statutory Mandate To Operate On State Roads –VIO Says

Posted: May 27, 2015 at 9:17 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Chibuzor Emejor –  Abuja


The Directorate of Road Traffic Services popularly known as Vehicle Inspection Officers [VIO] in the Federal Capital Territory [FCT] on Tuesday announced that the Federal Road Safety Corps [FRSC] has no statutory mandate or right to operate or carry out its activities on the State owned roads across the country.

In an interview with newsmen in Abuja, the Public Relations Officer of VIO, KK Iloduba, said the Decree that established the FRSC restricts their operations and activities only on the Federal Highways.

Iloduba explained that the FRSC which was established by Decree 45 of 1988 is empowered by the provisions of the Decree to operate on Federal roads only, adding that FRSC’s operations on the state roads are illegal and unconstitutional.

While citing various sections of the Decree that established the FRSC, he said, “You would recall that FRSC was created by Decree 45 of 1988. That Decree restricted FRSC’s activities and assignments to Federal Highways.

“Part 1 Section 16 of the Decree addresses this. FRSC is restricted to the Federal Highways.

“They are mandated to ensure safety on the highways. They are expected to remove accidented vehicle and wreckages from the roads as well as give quick response to accident victims.

“So, they have no business in towns, cities or State roads.  That was why during the era of Mallam El-rufia as the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, he chased them out of the city centre.”

The VIO spokesman further argued that FRSC does not also have any enabling law in carrying out vehicle documents inspection on the roads, as this duty is the statutory responsibility of VIOs across the country.

To quote him, “There is no agency outside of VIO that is empowered by the Traffic law to ask for vehicle documents on the roads.

He pointed out that CAP 548 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990 empowers Vehicle Inspection Officers across the States and FCT to operate and run motor vehicle administrations, licensing of vehicles and issuance of drivers’ licences to the motorists.

“The same Law mandates VIO to question your vehicle licence on the roads, if it is not valid. So, it is only VIO that has such constitutional mandate to impound vehicles, if your documents are not valid.

“In fact, FRSC has no business with your vehicle documents on the roads. Their principal assignment is to ensure safety on the roads.

“FRSC has no business with renewal of vehicle documents and registration of vehicles. The Constitution is very explicit on these,” he asserted.