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FRSC Enlightens motorists On Tyres In Imo

Posted: Jun 1, 2016 at 6:07 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Anolu Vincent

Owerri – The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) RS.9.4, Imo State, led by the Sector Commander, Peter Kibo, commenced an enlightenment campaign on the procurement and use of motor tyres to motorists and other allied bodies.

The exercise tagged, “Know Your Tyre” which played host to motorists, commercial drivers, tyre dealers, members of Standards Organisation of Nigeria and vulcanizers in the state was held at the popular Mbaise Motor Park, Egbu Road, Owerri.

Speaking in pidgin for purposes of comprehension, especially for commercial drivers and vulcanizers, the representative of the FRSC Corps Marshal, Mr. Joshua K. Fanola, advised motorists against the use of second-handed tyres popularly called Tokunbo Tyres.

He mentioned that the cost of procuring a brand new tyre was far lesser than the Tokunbo Tyre.

He said: “A tokunbo tyre user will buy 16 of its type in four years while somebody who bought a brand new one will use the four tyres for the next 4 four years. To crown it all, it is safer to use a brand new tyre than tokunbo“.

Fanola, an Assistant Corps Marshal and Corps Secretary, who stated that tyre was a major cause of road mishap, however, said that tyres had expiring dates like other products.

He advised motorist to check the date of expiry written on tyres before they buy, adding that tyres have life span of four years. “As drugs like panadol has expiring dates, so has tyres”.

He further advised that every motorist have knowledge of his/her tyre. “Again, every tyre has its gauge. It is also written on the tyre. If a tyre has a pressure gauge of 60 and you pump it 51 vice versa, it is not to the advantage of the car and the driver. It makes the car to be unbalanced. It could cause an unexpected disaster”.

Explaining further, an FRSC instructor, Julius Nnagbo, said that a tyre loses 20 percent quality after two years of careful use and 30 percent after three years.

Nnagbo, an Assistant Route Commander also said that poor alignment and unbalanced wheel reduce the tyre’s life span adding that the expiration date was usually indicated on the sidewalls.

The instructor noted, “It comes in four digits, indicating the week and year of manufacture like 0510. Sometimes, it comes with pre-alphabet letters like PHN0510. What this means is that the first two of the four-digit numbers on the last two digits represent the year.

“If the numbers are 0510, it means that the tyre was manufactured on the fifth week of the year 2010 i.e first of February. If the tyre is printed with only a three digit number, it means such tyre was manufactured before 2000 and should be replaced immediately as it is older than four years and could burst at any time because it has expired, no matter how good looking it is.”

He further enlightened motorists on tyre pressure, proper inflation; over inflation and under inflation as he added that any of the above could cause problem for both the motor and the motorist.