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Those Faulting Buhari’s Foreign Trips Are Unreasonable – Sagay

Posted: Mar 1, 2016 at 12:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)
Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos
Prof. Itse  Sagay (SAN),  a foremost lawyer and  Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption has described as unreasonable those criticising the foreign trips of President Muhammadu Buhari saying they are very shallow in their thinking.
Some Nigerians have described the president’s trips as incessant asking him to stay at home and face governance.
 Leading the criticism, Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose alleged that the huge amount of the nation’s resources is being spent on the trips. He added that the situation the country has found itself is unpalatable and not conducive for the President to be junketing from one country to the other.
Fayose, who said most of the trips embarked on by the President were unnecessary, added that ministers or at best the Vice President could have been made to attend most of the functions being attended abroad by the President.
But an enraged Sagay in a chat with Independent on Tuesday said those faulting the trips should concern themselves with the motives behind the trips and not whether it is frequent or not.
“I think some Nigerians are very shallow. They don’t think deeply before they speak.  They said the president’s foreign trips are too frequent. That should not be the question they should be asking.  They should ask ‘These trips are frequent, but are they useful?’  ‘Why did the president embark on such trips?’  Are they things that will benefit the country’?”
 He travelled to Saudi Arabia to consult on how to increase our quota and stabilize the price of oil. Is that not good for Nigeria? With the increase, we will earn more and be able to do a whole lot of things. So, I don’t know why adults should be saying the president’s trip is too much. Is he their father?   For the women, is he their husband? Must they see him in the house everyday?”.
“ He was elected for the welfare and security of this country and he has been touring the world trying to establish that.  I think he should be left home.  I heard lady saying he was collecting estacodes for the trips . Is he supposed to spend his money on behalf of Nigeria? Some Nigerians are very unreasonable and very difficult people to look after”.
 While calling on critics of the president to leave him alone so as to focus on the job he is elected to do, he said most of the trips embarked upon by the president is aimed at liberating Nigerians from the bondage imposed by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.
“He is trying to revive this country from being comatose and redeeming us from the bankrupt state that the Jonathan administration has created for us.  Do they think the president doesn’t want to stay home and sleep on his bed?  Do they think it is easy for him travelling every now and then despite his age?  I think people should just leave him alone for the sake of the country” he said.