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Farming Business Saved My Family From Hunger

Posted: May 2, 2015 at 12:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Adetola Adeagbo who is the chief executive officer of Peculiar Farms runs poultry farm business spanning two decades. In this encounter with correspondent, Olamide Bakare, he talks about his passion for farming and the desire to see the business grow on a big scale.

Agriculture is one profession which enjoys and elicits little interest among the youths but the case of Adetola seems somewhat different. Talking agriculture with Adetola is best described as an opportunity to see him express his passion. He derives joy discussing the potentials of agriculture as against the belief that oil holds the key to economic liberation.

While taking us on the journey to the world of agriculture, the suave, amiable young man expressed delight for seizing the opportunity to follow after his passion. Adetola who said the idea of venturing in to agriculture is one which has enjoyed the better part of his life culminating into what it is today. Speaking further on the business adetola said it has been a journey of mixed fortune

He says” I am into farming specifically crop and livestock. I started from my yard in the compound of the house where I lived. The interest began to grow in leaps and bound, where I was planting vegetables and chicken birds. I remembered vividly that I started with 10 table chicken birds”

Engaging in business like this may appear difficult  particularly when your peers see you as one belonging to the subsistence class. How does she cope in the midst of such discouragement?

He said” I have always loved farming. I guess this must have stemmed from the fact that the family enjoys doing it. The driving force has been my natural affinity for farming. I have been doing this since I was age 10 in junior secondary second, where i used an uncompleted building in my area at Iwo. Often times,  I will clear the grass and blocked all the windows and doors with the bamboo tree or waist block or anything i can lay my hands on. It’s really a long story to tell because I started farming since i know myself and i enjoy doing it always”

Recounting some business experience and how farming has come as a serious intervention in the midst of lack, Adetola fondly called Toly said the business has been quite helpful

He says” I remember something that happened during Abacha’s junta when teachers were not being paid for a long period of time. My father, being the bread winner could not attend to some needs due to financial constraints. But with the farming business, I had little to worry about. I recalled back then, there was no money, no food at home. With my daddy farm far from the house, there was no money to transport any member of the family to the farm.

But, lo and behold my maize plantation came in handy because it was right inside the compound. So, that saved us from hunger during that short period.

“For me, it was a source of joy helping the family in times of need. I recalled that it was raining that evening and i was happy that i will feed my family today which I did. As a young boy, I was happy feeding family of four because that shows some sense of responsibility. I was so happy and I see the smile on my parent face when we are all eating the maize so fresh. From that moment, I decided I was going to nurture my passion in agriculture. I promised never to do without farming in a bigger way and using it as a generational business for my lineage”

Asked what was the initial capital invested in the business, Adetola was non committal as he says it would be difficult to put actual figure but admitted that  it was a mean resources

He says” I cannot say specifically what my start-up capital was because it was too small.But for now, all I am interested in is to see the  dream grow bigger than what any man could envisage. Over time, experience has shown that the higher you go in farming business, the easier it is to solve your problems. Farming is per time experience not only in the book.

Considering the loss that he must have encountered at the early stage, does he see any reason to admit that he chose a wrong path, Adetola answered in the negative saying that it has been a good experience..



He said” I have never, for a day, blamed myself for taking the decision to venture into farming. Even when I was young, it has always been a success of joy and happiness to me. God as always been favoring all my seeds and i give Him the glory for that”.

No business exists without its challenges but for Adetola it has not been easy.

He said” The challenges  con fronting this business at this point in time has much to do with capital.As I speak, there are loads of  proposal which intend to carry out but due to finance constraints, it has been shelved. Apart from that, there are also issues of acquisition of land needed for plantations and processing plant for quality and safe Gari, palm oil and other oil processing. One other thing that is holding us back in this time comes in the area of capacity building. At the moment, there aretraining programs on newly developed farm techniques around the world which I would like to be taught.” Talking about area where support may be needed from government and where he sees the business going forward

He said” One of the areas i would want government to help small scale farmers comes in  the granting of loans facility. More so, they also need to help famers by deploying the heavy ended tractors to clear the land. Many of us do not have what it takes to rent a tractor let alone buy it. Besides, we need chemicals to reduce manual labour, buying the excess of yearly farm produce to curb losses for the farmers. Finally, the youth should be encouraged to go into agriculture by initiating programmes, creating an enabling environment for them to survive in the profession”.

“Besides, I am optimistic that five years to come, the business would have grown on a large scale attracting clients both within and outside Lagos”