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Far From Smooth Transition

Posted: May 24, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By implication, while the lack of synergy between the two committees may not have telling effects on the handover ceremony, the incoming administration might struggle at take off especially as it seeks to understudy key policies of the outgoing government and decide either to jettison or continue with such policies.

Joda  Alkali

Joda                                                                                      Alkali

Buhari did not hide his disappointment of a seeming lack of cooperation his committee was getting from the Federal Government despite its public posturing suggesting that all was well.

He had last week confessed that he was yet to get useful tips from President Jonathan despite several meetings with him after the elections.

Receiving an interim report from his own committee at the Defence House, Abuja, recently, the President-elect disclosed that the federal government committee refused to provide them information to work with and therefore had to rely on its own initiative.

For him, the Federal Government misunderstood the terms of reference he requested from them as a guide to indict them once he takes over as President.

Buhari’s words, “it is not that we are preparing for indictment, what we are trying to get is a starting point, where exactly we are going to start from.”

“We have seen the debt profile now and the performance of the economy. The question is what can we so about it, especially the urgent ones like social security and lack of fuel in the country and fraud.

“The list is endless. I thank you for what you have done and I hope that the subsequent submission by the government will make your job easier and more efficient and tell us where to begin from.

“What we expected was for the outgoing government to make a presentation to this committee and for this committee to study the document and make submission to the incoming government.

“For your simple mindedness, you went to work. But unfortunately, this committee is accused of being a federal government. From then on, this committee was constraint to take this initiative and breaking into various sub-committees and assigned various task to study the most important issues nationwide and see what they can put on record.”

Though the Sambo-led Committee is expected to present its own report to the Joda Committee before the transition, the lack of adequate time before the new government takes off, might force it to grapple in the dark to find its way around.