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Experts Advocate Women Involvement In Real Estate Practice

Ruth Obih, CEO 3Invest
Posted: Apr 5, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nkasiobi Oluikpe, Lagos

Unlike in some other sectors of the economy where women are brazing the odds and taking the bulls by the horns, statistics has it that the number of women folks in the real estate business still remains unimpressively low. This is despite various enlightenment programmes targeted at educating and allaying their fears in the sector.

The reason, according to concerned stakeholders, isn’t as a result of lack of fund, as a good number of these women actually have enough capitals and looking for areas to invest in, but they are not considering the real estate sector. This has forced these stakeholders to take time out to demystify some of the reasons behind the lack of interest and how to overcome such.

One of the reasons, Kunle Carew, real estate legal expert stated, is lack of knowledge and fear of losing money. He advised that in such a situation, it will be wise to be involved with industry contacts and attending real estate forums. “Finding other women to network with can be beneficial. An example of such is joining an association or group like the African Women In Real Estate (A.W.I.R.E) group, which is a platform for bringing together seasoned women players in the industry as mentors to new and recent entrants. You also have the LadyRealtors, which is also an umbrella for women real estate practitioners.

“There is also a forum called Real Estate Unite which happens annually, put together by Ruth Obih’s 3invest. Real Estate Unite 2016 is coming up on October 6th and 7th, 2016. If you are a woman (or man) looking for guidance on how to enter into the industry, you should absolutely reach out to them (try Google), and register for the A.W.I.R.E. session.”

He noted that logging on to the internet helps to provide the contacts of these female experts.

“The greatest key is knowledge. Those new to real estate investing can benefit from being around other people who invest in the sector to learn the process from those people. Learning from and working with other women who are experienced real estate investors is a good way to gain confidence. It is essential that every newbie work with somebody with some experience in real estate investing. It is always good to get your feet wet a little bit before you go out on your own. After joining a group, a business plan, or a marketing plan, or a road map should be put together; and a checklist of things that must be done to become successful”, he said

Chukwunonso Ume-Ezeoke, the CEO of Assist-2-Sell maintained that the notion that women investing in real estate are not less likely to be successful solely because they are women should be erased completely from their minds. Real estate, she insists, is not as difficult as it seems, it’s the women that lack the will and confidence to explore.