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Expert Makes Case For Cassava Inclusion In Poultry Diets

Posted: Mar 21, 2016 at 1:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Seyi Taiwo-Oguntuase, Lagos

Substituting corn with cassava in the formulation of poultry diets could help reduce cholesterol or fat content in chicken, thereby making poultry which have remained the cheapest form of animal protein, more acceptable for people with preference for lean meat.
This was the submission of Professor Daisy Eruvbetine, Professor of Monogastric Nutrition at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), while recounting her research findings on poultry, which has spanned a period of over 26 years.
She said more people have become conscious of excess fat and tend to run away from consuming it in any form, but with the inclusion of cassava in the diet of birds, this could be controlled.
Another advantage according to him is that it helps to reduce the production cost of poultry feed, as cassava is one plant which is very popular and grows freely in the country and is cheaper than maize.
“We also found out different ways of processing it, so that people that run away from cassava because of cyanide, now know that there are low cyanide varieties which can be added to the diet.
“The problem in Nigeria is that we are just hooked onto one thing. When they say feed for poultry, we just think of corn as the only ingredient or energy source. If there is a problem with corn supplies, then we are in trouble, we don’t have alternatives. So, we started working on cassava as an alternative,” she added.
Speaking further she said several other big projects like Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C: AVA), also promote cassava on a large scale; because that is what grows freely in this country and we are the highest producer of cassava in the world and we can even export it.
But somehow, people run away from using it because it has a lot of problems most of which, we have also tried to address.
“For example, the cassava flour feed is very powdery, feed millers don’t like it because they all get powdered with the flour during mixing. This can be solved by adding oil or grinding together with soybeans. It can also be converted to chips and pellets for easy feeding. When cassava is added and the price is right, it is far cheaper,” she said
However, sometimes, the price of cassava can be very high and may not be economically viable, but at other times, when there is plenty of cassava, it might be more economical to add it.