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Every hand on the plough, but…

Posted: May 16, 2015 at 1:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By  Tony Okoroji


Re-alignment is in full force. Change is here! Many who swore that Nigeria would burn if Buhari was elected are rephrasing what they said. Nigeria is not burning. Instead, there is a sense of rebirth and hope. A new Nigeria seems to be in the horizon.

Wonders shall never end! Suddenly, Mohammadu Buhari is everybody’s darling. Everyone is chasing after him. I heard from many that he is the best man for Nigeria… He is god-sent! NTA is broadcasting a beautiful profile on GMB. NTA? Is that not the same organization funded by the Nigerian commonwealth that blatantly became a political party megaphone?

I know Shola Omole, the DG of NTA. I consider Shola to be a good man. Was a gun put on his head for NTA to be so misused? AIT is now desperately trying to be a professional broadcast network after repeatedly transmitting the vile commentaries and documentaries on Mohammadu Buhari. I expected my friends at AIT to shut down for one week and do some penance.

Channels Television has taught our broadcast industry a lesson. The best way to make money is to be professional. Is it now clear that cheap partisanship has its limits? The brand that John Momoh built is by far an undisputed winner of this season. Shout out to the brilliant young men and women at Channels who made it fun to watch political broadcasts in Nigeria.



Even Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) is congratulating Buhari. Very soon, you will hear from my kith and kin in the entertainment industry. They will try to explain their shallow understanding of history. We sold out, pure and simple! People like me were called all kinds of names because we stood for Nigeria and refused to run after the cheap American dollars that were being thrown at us. I have been told of meetings where decisions were taken to bar me from getting close enough to GEJ to ask him important questions that would have helped our creative industries and our nation. The entertainment industry is one of the big losers of the season. To admit it is to learn the lesson of history.

I am for reconciliation because we need every hand on the plough to build the new Nigeria that we fought for. I am for forgiveness not just because forgiveness is divine but because we cannot move ahead with hatred in our hearts. I am for reconciliation because at the end of the day, Nigeria belongs to all of us. Whether we voted for Buhari, Jonathan or none of them, we remain Nigerians. But seriously, there is a big difference between forgiving and forgetting. There are things that happened that we cannot pretend did not happen.

One of the biggest problems that Nigeria must confront going forward is the frightful loss of values and the total lack of integrity of our public officers. We seem to have become a people who learn nothing from history. That needs to change.

When President Jonathan appointed Femi Fani Kayode as his campaign spokesman, I could not believe it. I was alarmed and wrote about it. How can my president rely on such a man? God, I was shocked. Is Femi Fani Kayode not the same guy who has publicly displayed such lack of integrity and had spoken about Goodluck Jonathan in the worst possible kind of words? The Fani Kayode appointment represents to me the President’s lack of ability to take important decisions. How many Nigerians believe anything that Fani Kayode says?  Did he believe any of them himself? I have little doubt that Femi Fani Kayode is one of the key reasons Jonathan lost the elections.

Mama Peace also loved the loud public glare and simply could not restrain herself. She appeared not to care whether she rubbed off positively or negatively on any one. For some reason, she thought she was a great speaker and each time, spoke for hours on end. She even thought that she is an incredibly talented singer. No one around her had the courage to tell her the truth. Or, they knew that she did not want to hear the truth.

The truth, if Mama Peace must hear it, is that she rubbed off negatively on many. I still do not understand how her husband would not manage her or insist that she be managed. Why did he let her loose on the nation? I have said it elsewhere that if Mama Peace did not beg for the war with Rotimi Amaechi, the governor of her state or if GEJ had dealt with that unhelpful confrontation with dispatch, our president would have been re-elected.

Nobody can tell me that Nigerians do not like GEJ. He lost the elections because he surrounded himself with cheap praise singers. My guy appeared unable to take the right decisions at the right time. There appeared to be no one around him with the courage to tell him the truth.

As we embark on reconciliation, President Buhari cannot afford to surround himself with the crowd of praise singers that served GEJ badly and almost ruined Nigeria. We must be careful about the likes of Fani Kayode. He is like the bad penny which shows up too many times. We should watch out for the likes of Peter Godsday Orubebe. I don’t care what anybody says, the leopard does not change its spots.

I verily agree that GMB would be shooting himself on the foot by starting a witch hunt. He however must not be seen to be shrugging his shoulders and saying that it is okay to rape Nigeria. No one should rape Nigeria and walk away free. From now on, everyone in Nigeria must learn that there are consequences for what you do. How our new president walks this tight rope, will determine the success or failure of his presidency.

Yes we must forgive. We should not forget. Welcome to the new Nigeria!

See you next week


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