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ESVARBON Queries N150m Demand For Secretariat By Lagos State

Posted: Jul 19, 2016 at 1:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nkasiobi Oluikpe


Chairman of the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria (ESVARBON), William Odudu, has queried the rationale behind the demand by Lagos State for the board to pay the sum of N150million for a parcel of land for the Board’s office, especially in view of the fact that ESVARBON is a creation of the Federal Government, predating establishment of EFCC and CPC which have long been settled into their permanent offices.

Odudu stated that the Board did not face such demands in other states where it already has allocations, including Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan and the Federal Capital Territory.

“In Kano we were allocated a very key land within the metropolis and a very commercial area, 100 metres by 100 meters and we have not been asked to pay even a naira. We have been allocated a plot in Port Harcourt in the central business area and we have not been asked to pay anything. We have been given a space in Ibadan to start our zonal office and we did not pay one kobo – we were allocated a space which we are going to use very soon.

“In fact, we are just furnishing it now. By the end of this month we are going to formally commission it. So, we expected something like that from the Lagos State government, like maybe an old building in Ikeja GRA. In Abuja, we were allocated two plots of about 2,100 square meters in Jahi Layout; we were not even asked to pay N1 million, close to the NAF Conference Centre, a very developed place. So, I was taken aback when I was asked to bring N150 million to get a plot in Lagos.”

He disclosed that the Board tend to revisit the issue through a formal letter to the governor to review the case, stating that all they needed is a piece of land to develop a zonal headquarter for the Board.

“It is federal government board set up to monitor and regulate the practice of estate surveying and valuation throughout the federation in all its forms and ramifications. So, you cannot do it from a rented accommodation. The Board has been in place for about 43 years and it has not got a permanent place. It was put in place before EFCC and CCB. These are all federal government agencies that regulate one aspect of our lives or the other but the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board, which was put in place in 1973, up till now, has not got a permanent place.”

He also stated that besides, the Board is not on a budget line as they have to source for income from within their members to be able to run the place; adding that until 2010, registered estate surveyors and valuers were only about 2,100 and by 2013, risen to 3,119; and presently 4,053. So, he said they have only 4,000 members serving a population of about 170million.

The estate surveyor and valuer hinted that in two week’s time, the Mekadolf formula implementation committee would be formally inaugurated. He explained that the Mekadolf Formula is one of four books published by the Board on framework that regulates very sensitive areas of the estate surveying and valuation practice, like assessment of compensation under the laws of the federation, assessment of estate duty, assessment of capital gains and so forth.

“These are very pertinent aspects of our profession. And when that book was published, we wanted to make sure that every member of our profession read the book and that even government departments got the book and read it. So we had to set up what we call the Mekadolf Formula Implementation Committee after getting a policy statement from the Board to enlighten people about what that committee is going to do. The committee will be inaugurated in about two weeks’ time. So, the policy has been published which will now be implemented in all the ministries throughout the federation.”