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Endless Job Search Led Me Into Bead Making –Kareem

Posted: Jun 13, 2015 at 3:38 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Kareem Mujidat is the Chief Executive Officer of Events N More, a business concern that caters for different range of specialty in the areas of craft .In this interesting encounter with Olamide Bakare, she emphasized on the need for government support and her hope for the business going forward.

Mujidat Kareem does not cut the picture of a fashionista but her dexterity in craft and the clothes she adorns tell it all. At a chance meeting with this correspondent, the ebony looking lady who was fully engrossed in her craft narrates the journey leading to entrepreneurship.

Kareem Mujidat

Kareem Mujidat

Hear her” I never wanted to go into craft, it was borne out of endless search for employment. After graduating from Olabisi Onabanjo University, there was high hope that sooner or later, things would begin to take shape. But lo and behold, things did not work out as planned. But fortunately, I had opportunity to attend an entrepreneurship seminar where I picked interest in craftwork among the plethora of other vocations taught. From then on, I began to develop interest in craftwork. Having waited endlessly for employment, I considered it a good means for self-sustenance. Thereafter, I settled to take it further by acquiring knowledge which really helped upon establishing it as a business. As a matter of fact, it has been quite helpful.”

She continued “I am into bead making Ankara craft which include ear rings, bags, and other stuff. I have been in the business for more than three years now. Initially, I never taught it would grow to become a passion. I was quite unconcerned about its prospect and so decided to look elsewhere.    But as fate would have it, I eventually settled for the business. Right now, I am determined to grow it bigger. I am not prepared to abandon the business for anything.

There is no business without its fair share of challenges.

Mujidat who recalled the challenging periods noted that such stumblings blocks have helped in no small measure to stabilize her interest in the business

She speaks” I think one major problem which really took its toll on the business comes in the area of funding.As you know, in any strat up, it is quite difficult raising the needed fund.It is not easy as a small scale business owners to finance your business.it is either you go through your family or your friend.But in situations when help is not coming on either side, you ust have to raise money on your own if you are really passionate about doing the business

Beside, location is another great impediment affecting the business. To succeed in business or any enterprise, location is  critical. If you are located in highbrow areas, there is the likelihood that you will be attracted by both the high and the middle class, but if you are situated in lo end areas, you are bound to record low sales and profit. One thing I have observed is that when you operate in this kind of environment, the attitude and disposition towards what you do tend to be different as against what operates in high brow areas. If I have to say it as it is, it is not encouraging.

But quite frankly, the knowledge has been helpful. As I speak, I am engaged in some few vocational training centres where I teach people on  textile craft.

Speaking on the initial amount invested on the business, Mujidat noted that it is good news that a business that started with a meager sum has grown to the tune of hundreds of thousands.

She states” I started with N5,000. It was meant for bead making. But as things progress, the business expanded into other areas which include event planning, decoration, wireworks jewelry, facial treatment and textile design. At the moment, the business worth hovers between N100,000 and N150,000.

While expressing delight on the success recorded so far,Mujidat noted that the business has been rewarding despite the challenges.

She said” I am happy and grateful for the benefit the business has brought to the table. At least, it has been paying my bills. I have been called upon several times to handle high profile events where I got handsome reward at the end.

“But what gives me greater joy is the fact that many people have graduated under my purview. That alone is a good reason to rejoice. Many of those who underwent training are now on their own”.

Asked if there is need for government support, Mujidat could not agree less as she urged government to lend support for entreprenuership through provision of loans that are interest free.

She states” We need government to support us financially. We can only survive and assist the economy when we have the requisite fund to invest in the business”.

Mujidat who is quite optimistic of the future ahead for the business reveals that plans are underway to establish offices in different part of the country.

She adds” I hope to build this company to an enviable brand.We are planning to establish presence in choice locations to attract interest.And we are believing that things would begin to fall in place as we embark on this journey.We want to build a strong name through our craft and we wont hesitate to go extra mile to do that