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Emerging Means Of Political Power Acquisition

Posted: May 30, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Ikem Adimorah


Political power acquisition all over the world involves political struggles in which the different classes or group that make up the society engage themselves to achieve common economical, political, class or cultural changes beneficial to their interest.

These struggles are more predictable and less complex in more homogenous societies in which religion, tribe and social class are not over emphasised in their economic and political ideologies providing the arena for contest where individuals and groups easily identify with those that serve their interest.

The just concluded 2015 general elections in Nigeria has brought to the fore the antagonistic nature of our political struggles as against agonistic principles as espoused by SAMUEL CHAMBERS; in which he posited that “Agonism implies a deep respect and concern for the other, indeed, the Greek agon refers most directly to an athletic contest oriented not merely towards victory or defeat but emphasising the importance of the struggle itself – a struggle that cannot exist without the opponent”. Expanding this view Claudio Colaguori in AGON CULTURE: COMPETITION, CONFLICT AND THE PROBLEMS OF DOMINATION – stated that “the Agon is literally the arena of competition, the scene of contest, the locus of adversarial conflict. The philosophy of agonism that affirms the idea that transcends truth and growth are generated from the outcome of the contest ……… the concept of agonisim is often understood in an affirmative sense as the generative principle of economy, society and even natural ecology and personal growth”.

The 2011 general election that brought President Goodluck Jonathan to power witnessed killings of mostly southerners in the north after the results of the election were announced. This was a clear department from previous elections especially Presidential election. Subsequently, statement from some leaders of the north including some from the south had indicated that the country will be made ungovernable for the Jonathan administration. It is on record that the opposition political parties made concerted efforts to thwart the efforts of the government. The unprecedented security challenges in the north east of the country were part of the failure of the Jonathan government. Recently, we are witnessing increasing wave of kidnapping in Ekiti State as the opposition party has lost its hold in both the governorship and state assembly elections.

In the last four years or so, the Ministry of Energy, Prof. Chiedu Nebo has being shouting foul as the gas pipe lines for electricity generation are being vandalised even two weeks and nobody including the media took it up as a serious matter. The pipes were been vandalised not for personal gains of the perpetrators as they were not getting anything from their acts unlike the petroleum pipelines where they may be able to scoop fuel.

Those who were puncturing these gas pipe lines had sworn that Nigerians will never have electricity under the Jonathan administration. Now that Jonathan is out, please give us electricity. It is shameful to note that Nigerians stood akimbo while PHCN staff held the nation for three years as they refused to be efficient in providing Nigerians with electricity and also refused that the establishment be privatised to provide the needed electricity. It is embarrassing that other organised labour groups supported the PHCN staff to sabotage the efforts of government to turn around the power sector.

Some of us believe that Nigerians have been deceived by the All Progressives Congress  (APC.) It was the APC that organised and fed thousands of people in Lagos for days to force the government to recede the administration’s removal of fuel subsidy that has held the nation from having the required foreign investment in that sector and also remove from source the inherent corrupt practices in the sector. Then the opposition was telling the people that they deserve the subsidy, that government only need to stop the corrupt practices in the sector and there will be enough money for subsidy and enough to run the country efficiently and all Nigerians will be happy. Many of us are happy that the opposition is about to take over the reins of power. We hope that the rumours of subsidy removal will only remain rumours for the way the media is now pushing it, Nigerians may have been deceived. It is evident that the mass action against the petroleum subsidy of 2012 was purely political and not in the interest of Nigeria. The naïve Nigerian voters should gear up for the worst period of their lives. Though labour has vowed to resist the move, we are not going to have anything short of the Oshomole days as labour leader, where the government of Obasanjo continued to increased the price of petroleum products for eleven times in eight years while labour was busy deceiving themselves and the rest of Nigerians in the name of protests. It is evident that most of the criticisms of the opposition where made to achieve political gains and not in the general interest of Nigerians.

Consequently, the role of media practitioners in setting the right agenda and to correctly inform the citizens concerning the policies of government has become more imperative. They should resist the temptation of pursuing pecuniary interests to the detriment of the country and her poor masses. If we actually want the nation to forward, we should be ready to make sacrifices in our little ways. Those who are only interested in acquiring powers for selfish ends should be resisted no matter the alluring picture they will paint to deceive us. “It is well known that the most radical revolutionary will become a conservative on the day after the revolution” – Hannh Arendt.

Agonistic political philosophy should be entrenched at all levels of our political lives as a nation. Those who have found themselves in the opposition today should desist from playing antagonistic politics. All Nigerians should rally round the incoming government for the sake of Nigerians and avoid being used to destroy what is being done to better the lot of the masses.

Finally, the incoming government should form an all inclusive government where every section of the country will have a sense of belonging. The time of politicking is over. This is time for nation building and all hands must be on deck.

Adimorah, wrote in from Asaba.