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El-Zakzaky Wants Buhari To Change Army’s Orientation Towards Civilians

Posted: Jun 12, 2015 at 5:39 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Juliet Oyoyo  –  Kaduna 


An Islamic scholar, Sheikh El-Zakzaky, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to re-orientate and re-constitute the Nigerian Army to ensure it improves on its human relations with the people.

The Islamic leader stated this at the annual parade of the Islamic Movement Volunteer Guards (Khurras) at the Zaria Polo Ground.

According to El-Zakzaky, the Nigerian military lacks courtesy and standard human relations in dealing with people, saying “the only thing it (military) specialises in was to kill unarmed citizens in which it takes pride”.

By continuing to use such a disoriented military, El-Zakzaky added, the present government should not expect good result in the settling of disputes or crises, “for the Nigerian military is in itself, an agent of destruction and crisis”.

The Islamic leader recalled the 2014 Quds Day in Zaria in which the military in broad daylight killed 34 people, including three of his children.

He believes that the Nigerian Army had exhibited “a high sense of wickedness which also exposed them as the real Boko Haram”.

“That day, we saw the real faces of Boko Haram in their full gear and uniform; Boko Haram was nothing but the government of Ebele Jonathan,” he stated.

“The Nigerian military,” according to El-Zakzaky, “can be equated with wild beasts. Their action has tarnished the prestige of the nation across the world.

“In the psyche of a Nigerian soldier, citizens have no right; but they are enemies meant to be killed.

“The Nigerian soldier thinks he can do anything, having the licence to kill and harass the citizens,” he added, wondering how a top ranking army officer in Nigeria did not know the real definition of war.