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El-Rufai A Gift, A Blessing To Kaduna

Posted: May 7, 2015 at 10:31 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Mr. Ben Kure is the campaign coordinator of Mallam Nasir el-Rufai (Governor-elect) in the just concluded governorship election in Kaduna State. In this interview Juliet Oyoyo, Kure shed light on some issues. 


By Juliet Oyoyo/ Kaduna


There has been this fear even before Mallam el-Rufai won the election, especially in areas such as Goni-gora over issues of likely demolition of their houses. As DG Campaign what do you have to tell
these people to assuage their fears?

Why would you destroy a man’s house? That is the first question. What has he done that you would pull down their homes? Remember, Goni-gora is out of the City Centre. It is located along the Kaduna-Abuja expressway and it is a new settlement although there are supposed to be building regulations but people are building anyhow because, past governments did not bother to ensure that there are regulations.

The talk about pulling down of homes was simply a campaign of calumny. The PDP had nothing to offer. “We promised you people this and we have done that. If you give us another chance, we will do this.” There is nothing on the table. So, the only thing they could do was to smear the person of Mallam Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai and that of General Muhammadu Buhari. That was all they could do. Look at the funny Transformation Agenda of Nigeria (TAN) thing. It was brazen and with impunity against the person of General Buhari and Mallam el-Rufai. They were saying that Mallam Nasir el-Rufai would pull down mosques and churches. It is people that abused laws and government regulations that are afraid, people that acquired things the wrong way and violated building codes.  People built their homes on waterways, green areas and on septic tanks. That is gross abuse of laws and regulations. Those were the things that were pulled down in Abuja. There were adequate warnings that your location of house is wrongly located. And, before you were even given, you were warned but many saw themselves as big men who could disobey the law. However, these are poor people who managed to put up resources to build their homes and shelter and now, people go about to spread tales of Mallam coming to pull down these homes. Instead, Mallam Nasir will build new settlements for the people and even allocate just like he did in Kutchiko in Abuja.

Another example is the “No man’s Land” that he built for persons who were displaced and gave them C of O’s free. In fact if he goes there today, I am sure that they will worship him. Therefore, I will say that Mallam Nasir is a gift and a blessing to Kaduna State; a rare gentleman and breed. And, I will want you to know that it is a divine programme of God. If you follow the circumstances you will see the hand of God that is mighty in his programme and anybody that will stand and cause friction, I am sure He will put that person asunder. So, people should have no fear as he will make Kaduna a new home to all that everybody will cherish.


People already have huge expectations. When do you think one can begin to assess this in-coming administration?

You can start assessment of the new government on a quarterly basis. You will definitely notice that there is a shift from the usual to the unusual. Let me tell you, the state government hardly could pay salaries and had to borrow money to do so in the last month. There is something wrong. So, it is not magic. We have to be patient and expand our tolerance limits and key into the visions of Mallam Nasir. It is normal to have high expectations because the country has been damaged.

What is the fate of non-indigenes now that Mallam is coming in considering the fact that el-Rufai is alleged to be arrogant, unfriendly? Also, what is the fate of the people of southern Kaduna who have always voted for PDP; what does he have in store for them?

He has always said it over and again but I will reiterate; there is no issue of settler or indigeneship in Kaduna. Everybody will be treated fairly. If you look at the business hub in Kaduna, is it the indigenes that are doing the business?

The whole of Constitution Road in Kaduna, how many indigenes of Kaduna State have their business there? Go carry out a survey and you will see for yourself. As far as you are resident in the state, going about your business, you are an indigene. You can even contest elections. We are one Nigeria.

We are one people. Didn’t their votes count in this election? Their votes counted.  It is all the campaign of calumny by the PDP just to smear Mallam Ahmed. They do
not have anything to offer to the people.
We want to call on non-indigenes to know that they are indigenes of Kaduna State and should feel free to go about their normal business.

And, for your information, Mallam Nasir has said that he may even consider non-indigenes in his government. All he wants is the capacity to work. His concern is on people that will deliver. That is all he wants.
In Lagos State, we have people that are not from the state as commissioners. In Kaduna State, we one time had an Igbo man in the State House of Assembly and we are talking about a settler again, please it shouldn’t be a subject of discussion because it doesn’t
exist in our manifesto. We are one Nigeria. For the issue of southern Kaduna, the people there have nothing to fear. They were misled by spiritual leaders, they were misled by elders who were called Southern Kaduna People Elders but were not truly southern Kaduna elders.
You said he plans to run a unity government in the sense that he will bring some PDP people he feels are capable and able to deliver. How true is this?

You will hold Mallam Nasir el-Rufai by his words. His word is bond. He is a man with an unquestionable integrity. When he says “A”, he means it. I have worked with him and I can confidently tell you that whatever he says he will do, he will do except he is not alive. If he says a thing he will bring it to pass.

He is a man that loves and fears God. People do not understand him. People have assessed him from a distance, from hearsay. Especially from those that envy him. Get close to him and you will know he is a very pleasant fellow. An hour with him is enough to understand the kind of person he is. One thing you will learn from Mallam Nasir is humility. Secondly, you will learn wisdom from him.

Again, you will also learn passion from him. You will also learn how to listen to
others no matter how silly his contributions are, as Mallam creates time to learn from such discussions. Indeed, he is a very good listener and has the passion to help those around him. We are going to have a fantastic Governor, come May 29th that is very loving and caring.


Some people when they come into office become vindictive towards their predecessors. How are we sure that such will not take place in Kaduna State?

You see, when you talk of being vindictive, I do not understand. Mallam Nasir el-Rufai does not have time for such things. His business is to repair Kaduna. If the Governor is found wanting, the law will take care of him as there is a court of law that will handle the
matter as we will not waste our time but to move one with the programme that he has. We have a business to change Kaduna which is to make “Kaduna Great again”.