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Ekiti people tired of APC’s propaganda – Agboola

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Hon. Kehinde Agboola, a former Student leader is also ex – chairman of Ikole Local Government in Ekiti State. The chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has just emerged winner of Oye/ Ikole Federal Constituency seat in the Federal House of Representatives. In this interview with CORRESPONDENT, YAQOUB POPOOLA, he outlined factors that ensured his victory at the poll and why his closest challenger, Bimbo Daramola, of the APC, lost. He also speaks on other issues. 



You’ve just been elected to represent your people at the Federal House of Representatives in Abuja, what has been the motivating factor behind your ambition?

Having served as Council Chairman, I realized that I am more familiar with the terrain. And I know how best to secure infrastructural growth and development of my Constituency, Ikole and Oye. That is the motivating factor behind my ambition.

What assisted you in defeating the current occupant of the position, knowing full well that he has also made significant impact in that area?

I want you to know that our federal constituency is a very big one. And which is why you have equally giant people contesting election in that constituency. We have reached out to the people and we understand their needs. We have provided an atmosphere which allowed them to say one or two things about us. That is the first strategy we have used in the election. The number two strategy is that my party – PDP is a constant party. The party is not known with lies and propaganda. The other party (APC) has changed its name severally. Every new political season, APC is new as well. The name only changed but the nature and colour never changes. They publish their achievements, including the non-existing ones. In some situations, our people are fed-up with the lies being churned out to them on a daily basis. Noise-making, story-telling is synonymous with APC but we need concrete and tangible achievements which PDP’s administrations had offered Ekiti people.

People had thought that defeating the incumbent would have been difficult for you. What magic worked out for you?

I never saw my opponent as a threat, right from the onset. He served once and we usually rotate the position between the two Local Governments making up the Constituency. Oye had done it three times while Ikole has done it only once. So, I can tell you that it is Ikole’s turn traditionally. Secondly, we have been robbed in Ikole and I don’t know why the APC abandoned Ikole for the second time. For instance, under APC, Oye Local Government got the positions of the governor, secretary to the state government. Federal House of Representatives and above all, it got a Federal University. Yet they took away our Ekiti – Akoko Agricultural Development Projects. This time around, Oye tried to repeat same but the people it was unfair. Every peace loving    person in Oye Local Government, I mean those who want our future to be in unity, stood their ground and said Ikole must get it this time around.

Thirdly, my opponent who was a Director-General of Dr Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organization failed in the two local governments with his boss. I think he (Daramola) should have known that he cannot have been a threat to my ambition. If they can lose elections at the peak of their performance in Ekiti, he should not have expected any miracle in the 2015 General Elections. With all resources at their disposal, the people still rejected them. Elections are won at the Polling units and not at state or federal Constituency levels. I want to sincerely say that we did not entertain any fear since we are competing with somebody coming from a weak platform. Across the board, the PDP had won the elections in Ekiti State with wide margin. The APC did not use the same vigour it used to campaign for the governorship election for the General Elections. I had thought that former Fayemi would return home and lead his people in Campaigns to every community telling them what they have done. May be with a repentant heart and tell them exactly the truth as against the propaganda the party had employed. The falsehood which did not helped the APC during the governorship election but he failed to do this. And that is why they could not make it for the party. It is now clear that the initial postponement of the general elections had really helped Nigeria to have a free, fair and credible election.

How would you fulfill your electioneering promises?

I want to use my personal influence based on that platform to reach out to both old and new friends – our indigenes in the service, at least from Assistant Directors and above to facilitate employment opportunities to the state. Our quota in the Federal Civil Service but while other states have gone beyond theirs, Ekiti is yet to harness its full potentials. The point is that our youths are not aware of these opportunities. When I was council Chairman, I got employment for people at the National Assembly, yet the then rep member could not do that. It is about what you want that you will get. Secondly, I will use the influence of my office to bring developmental projects to the state. When they do budget allocation and defence, it is normal for any lawmaker to say because you are in the opposition, you walked out of the place. It isn’t all the time you play politics. One must remember the people you represent. Instead of asking valid questions, some people just want to play to the gallery. I want to say that we can facilitate ten percent of the nation’s budget to the state, because we have experienced people in our team: the senators, the rep members and the governor. It is not enough for Mr. President to say that I want to do this for you, who will do the follow up? I will also help to inform Nigerians more. For example, as council chairman, members of the Association of Local Government Chairmen are often being blackmailed indirectly. How? The Minister of Finance would come and announce the monies accruing to each council in terms of Federal Allocation. Let them further tell the public how much each council will pay to Primary School Teachers Salaries and Local Government Service Commission. And salaries of council workers and public officers and the pensioners. If these are not done when people hear that a local government collects as much as One Hundred Million naira and such council chairman fails to tar roads, people would begin to call them names. And the truth of the matter is that the resources is not there as people thought.