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EFCC Should Probe Accountants General, Auditors General – Chukwukelu

Posted: Nov 22, 2016 at 12:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

…Seeks Enactment Of Whistle Blowing Act

 EJIKEME OMENAZU – LAGOS — Sir Sydney Chukwukelu, NIgeria’s foremost forensic accountant and fraud investigator, has taken a critical look at the ongoing anti-corruption crusade of the present administration and the deep involvement of top public officers at both federal and state level, and called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to look at the roles of the offices of the Accountants General and the Auditors General at federal and state governments in the massive looting of the treasuries which has left the nation’s economy prostrate.

He also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to cause the enactment of the Whistle Blowing Act to give teeth to the anti-corruption crusade of his administration, check the massive fraud in the system and help to stabilise the economy as a way of pulling the nation from the current recession.

Speaking exclusively with Independent at the sideline of anti-corruption conference in Lagos, Chukwukelu stated that it is surprising that former public officers and politicians, including ex-ministers and ex-governors, are being hounded by the anti-graft agency for corrupt allegations running into several billions of naira without mention being made about the Accountants General and the Auditors General.

Chukwukelu, the Chief Experience Officer of Resource Matrix Forensics, who is involved in the training of corruption investigators at several institutions, both private and public, maintained that the EFCC operatives through their critical look and check, should be able to determine the involvement of such top offices and the workers under them in the massive looting in the public service.

Such investigations, he added, should also be extended to the accountants and auditors in the National and state Houses of Assembly, government agencies and corporations, and business in which governments have interests.

Chukwukelu maintained that the EFCC should not stop in the arrests and prosecution of suspected corrupt politicians and former public officers, such actions should be extended to those who either by commission or omission, had been aided and abetting the high level of corruption in the nation.

He maintained that there is no way such trend could have continued for years to the extent that corruption had become so deep rooted in the public service, without the connivance of auditors and accountants, who he said have the primary responsibility of checking and detecting fraud, even before they are committed.

Chukwukelu maintained that the EFCC should take a critical look at Section 7 of the Criminal Code, which he stressed, stated that those who abet crime are as guilty as those who actually commit fraud.

He said: ”The EFCC should look into Section of the Criminal Code. People who abet crimes are equally guilty. The accountants and auditors should wake up to their responsibilities. All these structures are in place. Why are they not effective in checking fraud even before they are committed? They are not doing enough as checks to the system.

“If there is any misdemeanour, the EFCC should query the system. Both the accountants and auditors should explain their roles in the massive corruption. There should be an awakening by by all the structures of governance.

“If the accountants and auditors are doing what they are supposed to do, the level of corruption in the nation will not be so much. If the accountants and auditors are coerced to abet corruption, why are they still in the system collecting salaries? They should have resigned or cry out or report such officials as their professional ethics demand.”

Chukwukelu maintained that no matter the pressure the public officers ad politicians put the accountants and auditors, they should maintain their integrity and professional ethics and expose fraud as they are supposed to provide the needed checks on the system, and should not have caved in by allowing massive looting of public fund to go on.

“Even if the government officials or politicians threaten them, the accountants and auditors should stand their ground can go to court and ensure that standard is maintained at all time.

“That is why I support the enactment of the Whistle Blowing Act which the past lawmakers could not pass. The current National Assembly and the State houses of Assembly should do something about the Whistle Blowing Act.

“President Muhammadu Buhari should cause a Bill for the Enactment of the Whistle Blowing Act to be drafted and presented to the lawmakers for the necessary consideration and passage to give teeth to his anti-corruption crusade,” Chukwukelu stressed.