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Eat, Smell, Feel… With Modern Condoms, Sex Gets More Exciting

Posted: Jun 1, 2015 at 12:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Hazeez Balogun Lagos

Condoms have become widely accepted in Nigeria as a means of sexual disease prevention and as a means of contraception. Though condoms have existed in Nigeria for many years, it became popular in the 1990’s when the HIV/AIDS scourge became an issue in the country. It also gained traction when the Nigerian government was canvassing a reduction in population with the Family Planning Programme. Today, according to the Society for Family Health, more men have embraced the use of condoms and more ladies are demanding their partners use one.

lifeWith the increase in usage comes an increase in demand and supply for the commodity. Many manufacturers have found ways to make condoms more attractive and do more than what they are intended for. Condoms have stopped being the boring rubber you roll on before sex, they are now articles of pleasure and fun. Manufacturers are finding more ways of making them more desirable in order to edge over their competitors.

They also now appeal to the senses than they originally were. Condoms are meant to be a buffer between sexual organs in an activity which requires organs to be touching. Hence a large part of the sensations are lost with the use of a condom. With today’s condoms, all that has been taken care of. There are now condoms that come in different colours that appeal to the eyes, there are some with flavours that appeal to taste and also some with scent, that appeal to sense of smell.

Aside the common condoms out there, there are over 10 different types of condoms with different unique properties. According to John Ibe,  a store owner who also stock assorted condoms in Magodo Area of Lagos, many Nigerian men and even women are now looking for more from their condoms and they are ready to pay extra for the variety. “I have to update my stock regularly because there are always new types of condoms coming out. Customers now have access to the internet so they know the latest products out there, I try my best to give them the latest,” Ibe says.

LifeThe Night Light Glow-In-The-Dark Condom is a condom made of three layers. The inner and the outer layer consist of regular latex while the third layer contains a safe pigment that begins to glow and is sealed between the two latex layers. This product has no effect on the sex and only adds visual effects and nothing more. Due to it’s three layers, it is a bit thicker than the average condom and user get less sensation from it.

The flavored Condoms on the other hand have great flavors and tantalizing aromas. The flavor may be contained in the lubricant or directly on the condom. Some flavored condoms are even colored to match the flavor (such as red for strawberry flavor, yellow for banana). Flavors can include mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, and even chocolate, vanilla, and cola. These condoms are meant to aid oral sex.

Studded Condoms are shaped and textured to increase pleasure for either the female, male or both partners depending on where the raised studs or ribs are. Some of these condoms have two sections of ribs, on the top and at the base, which adds stimulation in just the right place for females. Others contain hundreds of raised studs, on the outside for female satisfaction and on the inside to enhance male enjoyment. The condoms that are marketed for mutual pleasure tend to be wider, have bulb-like tips, and a more contoured shape, which increase male comfort and allow nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive state.

Warming Condoms  on the other hand tend to be made of thinner latex, which helps to heighten sensation. Warming condoms are designed to enhance sensual pleasure through the release of gentle, warm sensations for both partners. They contain a warming lubricant that is activated by natural body moisture, so it heats up during sexual intercourse.

There are also Edible Condoms which are meant for ladies to chew after oral sex. The condom is rolled on by the man and then can be eaten off after oral sex. They are not advisable for penetrating sex. Edible condoms are for novelty use only, they do not provide any type of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

For the Pleasure shaped condoms, the idea behind them is that they tend to be looser with enlarged, pouch-like tips. These wider tops allow for more friction because the extra latex stimulates the nerve endings at the tip of the penis. Some of these condoms, like the Inspiral brand or the Trojan Magnum Twister, also introduce a winding, twisting shape that allows for more vigorous action. This type of design stimulates nerve endings and heightens sensitivity for both women and men.

Condoms are available in almost every color. In fact, you can even find tri-colored condoms that feature the national colors of countries, such as America, France, Spain, Russia and Italy. Dual-color condoms are also available, which may be fun to use during the holidays or when you travel.

French Ticklers either have a soft rubber tickler tip or are made of soft jelly. Tickler condoms fit over the penis and come in various styles of nodules, nubs, and ridges and shapes that provide stimulation by tickling the inner walls of the vagina. These condoms are considered to be novelty types, so they do not provide prevention of pregnancy or disease. Perfect for couples where the woman is using a hormonal or permanent birth control method. If not, a man can wear a regular condom underneath the tickler to ensure contraceptive protection.

There are also tingling Pleasure Condoms. They contain a safe spearmint tingling lubricant as well as a minty scent. These condoms are formulated to provide an intensifying, tingling experience for both partners.

There are many other types of non conventional condoms and there are more made every day. The most popular and cheapest brand in Nigeria is the Gold Circle condom. Despite their popularity, they lacked the modern styles and meet only the crucial needs of safety and prevention. However, last month, the Society For family Health, who sells the condoms in Nigeria, have upped their game with a new type of condom.

According to their website, their new Gold Circle Flex is a premium brand that provides pleasurable protection. It is the only condom brand that goes through dual quality testing at the manufacturer’s factory. Asides from being safe, it offers the “adventure of ribbed and flavoured pleasure.”