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Eadris Abdukarim, You Lied!

Posted: May 23, 2015 at 12:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Justin akpovi-esade


SINCE 2004 that then rave of the moment Afro hip hop artiste Eadris Abdukarim had a face-off with American rap star 50 Cent inside a chartered aircraft at the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, I have not had the opportunity to listen to Eadris speak on the issue.

Eadris Abdukarim

Eadris Abdukarim

I however have read so many of his interviews and articles written by people in his defense painting him as a ‘freedom fighter’ who was fighting for respect and honour for the Nigerian artiste, especially from big concert organizers. I always giggle when I read stuff like that but I had to reply to one outright falsehood written by owner of Question Mark music label, Kevin Luciano and published in Saturday Independent some couple of months ago.

But last Thursday evening, I was home and my wife wanted to listen to Nigerian music so she switched the channel to HipTV on the Pay TV. From my laptop, I peeked and saw the familiar face of Eadris, although he now looks more like a club bouncer than a singer with his bulging biceps, big tummy and all. Out of curiosity about what he was telling the interviewer, I decided to listen for a while.

The young, squeaky female On Air Personality was all over him asking patronizing questions especially about the over 10 years ago incident at the airport. I watched with mouth agape as Eadris was lying his head off to impress not only the girl but viewers at home. In a funny American accent, the once upon a time rave of the moment painted a different picture from what happened that fateful day at the airport. What Eadris perhaps forgot to take into consideration was the fact that there were other people present at scene of the ugly incident.

Eadris regaled viewers with the tales of how he was fighting the marginalization of Nigerian artistes that day. He lied about having the right to be on that chartered aircraft by the show organizers when in real fact, the contract he signed (that was leaked when the issue was raging) had taken care of his transportation to Port Harcourt and that he was allowed in the plane out of magnanimity of the organizers and also to ensure they don’t have any trouble locating any of the artistes on the bill at the Port Harcourt show.

But Eadris claimed on the HipTV interview that the contract he signed covered being ferried in the first class compartment of the chartered aircraft with 50 Cent. So convenient of him to attempt to twist facts!

I was inside the aircraft that day; I knew there was going to be trouble right from when we were waiting at the departure lounge for the American artiste to arrive for everybody to leave for Port Harcourt. I heard all the loud boastings of Eadris and two of his bodyguards that there would be hell today as they downed bottles after bottles of spirit liquor. Eadris was mourning about the perceived shabby treatment given to him backstage at the Lagos edition of the show the previous night. He alleged that he and other Nigerian artistes were told to vacate the backstage when 50 Cent and his band arrived and also the American took his scheduled time to perform because he was a ‘superior’ artiste in the eyes of the organizers. So Eadris came that morning to avenge the alleged shabby treatment meted out on him the previous night. He did not hide his intentions as he openly boasted about it in Yoruba and Pidgin English as we waited for 50 Cent.

When news came that the American had arrived, we boarded the plane and while everybody took economy seats, Eadris and his bodyguards occupied the ‘first class’ compartment reserved for the visiting foreign artiste and his band. The officials of the company that organized the show spent over 30 minutes trying to talk some sense into Eadris to no avail. So when 50 Cent finally stepped into the aircraft, his bodyguards were stunned to see that they had no seat as Eadris and his guards were sitting comfortably with their faces grim and ready for confrontation. The bodyguards of the American at first asked them politely to move, but they refused and a war of words began which led to serious fist exchanges. In no time, one of Eadris’ bodyguards sustained a deep gash under his right eye with blood flowing unstopped. Then bottles started flying inside the plane while we ducked for cover in the little space we had. One of 50 Cent’s bodyguard had Eadris pinned down in a deadly bear hug but he still managed to scream: “Nigerian journalists, una dey see wetin dem dey do una super star and una quiet? Una wey be artistes siddon and dem dey beat me like this, the biggest star in Nigeria? Una be fools, una be fools,” he screamed as he choked on his breath before airport security came in and broke up the fight. We were ushered back to the departure lounge and Eadris started calling then president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN, weird singer Charly Boy who came and aggravated the whole issue with his careless statement that sounded like a threat, a development that made 50 Cent to refuse going to Port Harcourt for the show. He and his band left the local wing to the international wing and flew from there back to the US.

Before Charly Boy’s arrival, Eadris called me and asked how I felt about the “action I pulled inside the plane”. I told him bluntly that it was a dumb action because if he had issues, he should have sorted it out with the organizers instead of engaging in a fisticuff with someone that is a visitor. I told him that in Africa, the best seat is always reserved for the visitor. He got very angry and called me unprintable names, I replied in kind and his bodyguards pounced on me and smashed my phones as well as tore my shirt before the fight was broken up.

But Eadris on HipTV claimed he made calls to all Area Boys (street urchins) in Ikeja “and they came and locked down the entire airport and caused big traffic on Airport Road. You know I am a self made millionaire and some of us ‘settle’ these boys and they fight for us”. The presenter was giggling excitedly as he fed her with lies about what happened that day. I was at the airport from morning till around 4pm when 50 Cent finally said he was no longer going to Port Harcourt because of the veiled threat Charly Boy issued and I did not see any ‘Area Boy’ or boys that caused the kind of traffic Eadris narrated on TV. Oh, I forgot, Charly Boy is actually the self acclaimed ‘Area Father’ but then, he only came in the company of some other person I can’t recall immediately not a crowd of ‘Area Boys’ that locked down the entire airport thereby preventing people from coming or leaving the airport. In fact, when 50 Cent broke the news that he was going back to the US, I called my cousin to bring my car to pick me up. It took him less than 20 minutes to get to the airport from Surulere!

Eadris you lied, if you were so convinced that you were right as you are now making it sound, why did you kneel down and apologise to 50 Cent at Abuja during the KORA Award nomination show some years after? I was also there when you asked for forgiveness and 50 Cent who did not recognize you again (obviously, he had forgotten about that incident) had his memory refreshed by the compere and he hugged you. Photographs were taken which made headlines the next day. So suddenly you are a hero fighting for the cause of Nigerian artistes?

Did you also remember when you came to apologise to me at O’jez restaurant that evening about four years ago claiming you did not recall having any fracas with me?

Stop distorting the facts of that issue. All actors in that macabre drama had moved on. Move on bro.


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