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Why I Dumped Accounting For Gospel Jazz – First female Flutist

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Ebele Ezeamakam is the first female flutist in Nigeria, a trained accountant who finds fulfillment and satisfaction in music. Courageous, independent, focused and determined person, she is a singer, songwriter, composer and an instrumentalist. She plays flute and keyboard, and her genre of music is contemporary gospel and jazz.

Anthonia Duru recently had a chat with her and this amazon shared her life as a flutist.


Why flute?


The flute is a unique instrument that has its complexity. I started quite young at age 14. I had a Philippine lady who taught me then. She plays the flute and keyboard. I really got inspired by this Philippine lady. That was where the interest began as I play a little bit of the keyboard too.

Don’t you think you will make better impact if you do conventional music?

Well it’s depends on your interpretation of conventional music. I am a Gospel Contemporary Musician. I play and sing different genre of songs. This includes urban, jazz, classic. My latest single titled Dream Come True produced by Cobhams Asuquo is an urban song which can be played anywhere. I sang more in this track; the purpose is for me to be in the mainstream and to display my versatility.

How far has this taken you?

Far above what I can talk about now but the good news is that I am growing daily.

You studied accounting. At what time did you start this professionally?

It is a divine mandate. He gave me the passion for it and I followed my passion. Though initially I never thought it would become a career for me, it was just something I love doing because, I studied accounting as my first degree and I have been working as an accountant for a while. But in between working as an accountant, I never find fulfillment there. I was led to take my passion seriously.

What is the motivating factor, which propelled you to be a flutist?

It is just passion for the instrument.


Don’t you sometimes feel a bit odd considering the fact that we don’t have many female flutists in our clime?

Not really. I see it as a challenge. Already I have been recognised as the first female flutist in Nigeria. I thank God for this. I believe I will motivate other women to start doing their God-given passion.

What are you working on presently?

I run a company known as Ebele’s World. It consists of the other part of me which include music training, Health, Fitness and Talk show.

Can you tell us about your past works?

I have performed on stages with some prominent artistes; I have three videos and four singles out there.




What gives you an edge above other entertainers?

I sing and I play. When I am on stage it’s a full artistry for me. I do both and mostly live music with my band. As an instrumentalist, I have my own song which most instrumentalists do not have.

Any challenge as a female entertainer?

A lot oo, but God pass them. I overcome, because I don’t joke with my relationship with God. He always gives me victory and makes a way of escape for me.

Can you let us into your background?

I am an indigene of Anambra state, but I grew up in Edo state, Benin City. I am the second child in the family of six children. I read accounting as my first degree from Enugu, and Business Admin as a second degree from Benson Idahosa University Benin city.


How do you feel being addressed as the first female flutist in Africa?

Interestingly I appreciate that fact but I see it more as a call to sit-up and work. So I’m putting all my energy in my brand to bring out the best out of it.

Who is your role model?

Role model? No one! Jesus alone is my role model. I only have mentors and people who inspire me. They coach me and I learn from their experiences to be a better person, both in music and in life in general. But it’s only one person I want to be like and that is Jesus.

How lucrative is it being a flutist?

I won’t deceive you it is very lucrative but very challenging.

What would you describe as your unique selling point?

My brand is unique, but it’s more important to be good in what you do, and doing it in such a unique way. Excellence is my watch word and it speaks in my work and my performances, that’s my unique point.

As a beautiful single lady, how do you cope with attentions from men?

I don’t like being addressed as sexy because it typifies a lot in our society today. But talking about how I cope with men, it’s the way you lay your bed, so you’ll lay on it. It’s what you depict you are so you will be taken.

Why are you still single?

Because what I do is a God-given-inspired passion, I have to get it altogether with God first, before another person can be fully involved. A lot of women have fallen apart in their careers due to lack of understanding from their spouses. They never get the total support they needed and this has resulted to divorce in marriage.