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DSP Alamieyeseigha’s First Anniversary Of   Death

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By William Bozimo

Born on November 16, 1952 in Amasuoma, DSP Alamieyeseigha passed on to the great beyond on October 10, 2015 in Port Harcourt University Teaching hospital after a brief illness.

The people of Amasuoma decided to celebrate the first anniversary of his death with dance, songs and traditional wrestling contests in his home of birth.

I was invited to play a role as a Book Reviewer titled ALAMIEYESEIGHA : THE MAN, THE LEGEND. Authored by a young man, Mr. Gesikeme Akprakata, a graduate of Rivers state Polytechnic in Mass Communication.

The book with 18 chapters captures DSP Alamieyeseigha’s seemingly   turbulent life, first as a child who went with his mother to the farm and he unknowingly crawled into the waterfront and disappeared.

His mother cried loudly to her co- farmers who all searched everywhere until the mother in one last ditch search her leg touched DSP Alamieyeseigha’s leg and she brought him out alive.

His troubles with the system started when DSP, popularly known as Alamsco, veered into politics and contested the gubernatorial electionin 1999 and won.

While the late Adaka Jasper Boro carried guns to liberate his people from the seemingly overbearing Federal authorities, the lot fell on him as an inheritor of Boroism whose heroism was short lived just as DSP, who believed in sensitising his Niger Delta peoples to defend what belongs to them as producers of the Black Gold- Oil and Gas.

A memorable quotable quote from the Book quotes Alamscothus: ‘No man is a piece of perfection. So all I want is for you guys to look at me and judge me accordingly, to be frozen in black and white, even when I am gone.’

Alamsco had gathered a core of his close friends and confidants from the academia, political friends at his wife’s hotel Meglams in Yenagoa. This was in 2012 four years ahead of his death.

Narrating his ordeals with OBJ on pages 13 and 14, in his usual manner OBJ was alleged to have   barked at Alamsco ‘So and Atiku want to take my job eenh?

Alamsco replied more angrily than even Mr. President Obasanjo ‘You can’t intimidate me Mr. President’ the power play between Alamsco and OBJ was a classic case of his fearlessness and lacking in political diplomacy.

These encounters over time became so regular that that the echoes of third term came into sharp focus. OBJ once calledAlamsco an‘Egbesu Governor’ and Alamsco quickly replied him ‘You are OPC president’.

The high point of the Book ‘Alamieyeseigha- the Man, the Legend’ is Chapter Three of the Book captioned, ‘the Mystery behind his return from London.’ After his arrest at the London Heathrow Airport for alleged Money Laundering, he came back on November 21, 2005.

Alamsco confessed this way – ‘The truth of my return was that it seems the  authorities in London then felt that I was innocent  and that they were merely roped in to be part of a conspiracy, and like Pontius Palate, they had to wash their hands off my blood.’ Continuing he went further ‘I was brought out from a location by faces I could hardly recognise even if I see them today.’

For many who knew Alamsco, he along with Chief James Ibori, also a former Governor of Delta state, were in the forefront of the progressive corridor carrying the battle cry of  ‘RESOURCE CONTROL’ and that messiah’s burden the duo carried on their shoulders made things difficult for him and his close friend, Ibori.

In a mystery- filled Book on Alamsco, many were persuaded to think that his return to Nigeria via Cameroun baffled many Nigerians.

After learning of Almasco’s return from London to Nigeria, President Obasanjo declared total war on him, by air, land and sea and he was arrested in Yenagoa and he followed the security operatives willingly to  avoid a bloodshed  in Bayelsa.

In spite of Alamsco’s travails in the hands of the imperial OBJ, at the end of the day, former President Obasanjo proved to be a good and friendly enemy of the Izons of Niger Delta, when he eventually drafted Alamsco’s former Deputy Governor to be Yar’Dua’s running mate in 2007.

The only way I could describe OBJ’s style was to quote William Shakespeare, that ‘THERE IS A SOUL OF GOODNESS IN THINGS EVIL’.

Finally, Gesikeme Akparakata’s book Alamieyeseigha- The Man The Legend, is an episodic and stimulating book on the live and times of Alamsco, woven around the tumbles and the rumbles of Almasco’s controversy and mystery- filled sojourn on earth, unveiling as it were, the intimate details of his rise to become the Governor General of the Izon Nation, spanning several interviews since 2011.

His over-whelming vision was to create a brotherhood and homeland for the Izons but his sudden death robbed the Izon Nation of his attempts to fulfill a dream.

For whatever he was worth, he stood stoically during the PDP gubernatorial elections in Samson Siasia stadium when he boasted like a wounded Shark in the waters of Bayelsa, thus ‘After our Northern oligarchic oppressors had clandestinely driven our brother and son in former President Jonathan from Aso Villa, Abuja, we shall not allow the APC to come to an Izon soil to defeat us. And take over Creek Heaven in Yenagoa.’

He did it as promised and Henry Seriake Dickson of the PDP won and had taken over the baton of leadership from ALAMSCO. Whether he would step into the huge shoes of Alamsco is quite another matter.

My epitaph over his grave in Ammassuoma is this. ‘HEREIN LIES ONE MAN OF COURAGE AND FEARLESSNESS IN THE PURSUIT OF IZON ETHNIC NATIONALITY IN HIS GRAND DREAMS OF ACTUALIZING A TRUE NIGER DELTA WHERE NO MAN OR WOMAN WILL BE OPPRESSED. Fly on Squadron leader, death came like a thief in the night and  you could not fly over the claws of the thief of Time.

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