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Dosunmu Espouses Legacy of Praying Mothers

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Aramide Oikelome  –  Lagos


Oftentimes, it has been said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. This is because it is believed that the role of mothers in the lives of their offspring is so crucial to the formation of a child’s character, values and success (or otherwise). Mothers are believed to be like porters who mould the lives and destinies of their children either through their actions or inactions. 

One of those ways mothers are believed to wield unparallel influence over their children is through the instrumentality of prayer.  It is against this backdrop that the children,( both spiritual and physical), grandchildren, staff, protégés and well wishers of Mummy Abosede Dosumu recently came together to give thanks to God for the dramatic way she has moulded and impacted their lives through her fervent and relentless travail in the secret place.

The event was the seventieth birthday of the prayer icon, which held recently at the premises of Elias International Group of Schools, Abule-Egba, Lagos. The uniform testimony of all at the joyous occasion pointed to the fact that one of the greatest gifts of God for a family, community or nation is the presence of praying mothers that move the hand of God in the direction of their people.

Speaking at the occasion, Pastor Ayo Oluwaguna, who happens to be the husband to Mama’s first daughter expressed great delight and wonder at the celebrant’s self-abandonment when it comes to worshipping God. “What I see in her is the spirit of David, a worshipper who by his attitude of gratefulness and trust won the heart of God, so much so that he had a hedge above others.”

He went on, “ I am proud to say that I am not a son-in-law in this family but a son. When you have people praying for you there is always a difference. While others are taking one step, you are taking three steps. Mummy’s prayer cover is like a backbone for me in life and ministry and I am forever grateful that God led me to marry one of her seeds.”

Based in far away America, Mr. Josiah Dosumu, Mummy’s first gave his mum a surprise package by flying in to celebrate her on this landmark birthday. Although his has been a journey laden with many thorny experiences that would have terminated his life, he testified to how his Mum’s prayers often rescued and refurbished his life in spite of enemy’s treats.

“Mummy is a disciplinarian to the core. Her life is like a rope, stringing all of us together. She raised us with prayers, discipline and as a friend. She always counsels me to pray through. She is not a hypocrite; very dedicated. She is more of an example for me. Today, when I am in a dilemma over anything, what I ask is- ‘What will mum do in a situation like this?’ and that becomes like a guide. She is a prophet and my prayer backbone.”

His immediate sister, Mrs. Kemi Oluwaguna told of how her mum always stirs her up to pray without ceasing. “She is always there to give us prayer alert; always urging me to seek the Lord in all situations and for all things. She is my pathfinder and the guide of my youth.”

Her immediate younger sister, Mrs. Tomi Adelani, who is based in far away Canada could not make it to the event but called in to eulogize her mother and mentor. “Thanks you for being such a great and amazing mother. You are a great woman of God and you have taught me to be a prayer warrior and great woman of God that I am today. You taught me to be a hard working woman too.”

Following was Mr. Tolu Dosumu who did fly in from Canada for the auspicious event. According to him, “One of the best gifts God has given to the world is that of praying mothers. We need more women that will groan and travail until there is a bringing forth. The reason is when you are alone in a foreign country; with friends who want you to go astray, all you remember is your Mum; her advice, prayers and teachings.”

“Sometimes I feel strange things; I get overwhelmed and confused but God comes through and makes me know that my Mum is praying and that settles all my fears”, he assured.

London-based Mrs. Yomi Amaefula, who happens to be the last of Mama’s biological children sent in words thus, “Happy 70th birthday to my sweet Mum. I can’t believe you are actually 70 years old today, Wow! I feel so privileged to be one of your seeds. You are a great woman, warrior and a mentor. Your relationship with God is so deep that it has affected our lives and that of our children. You have actually sat with God to work out our future. We will surely carry on your legacy. I wish you more glorious and fulfilling years to come. Love you Great Woman of God”.

Mama Dosumu also has two adopted children who were equally raised in her house. Although both are now married, they also came with their husbands and children to felicitate with her. According to Mrs. Titi Makinde, “Mummy is ever so thoughtful, ever so kind; always ready to serve others, even when she is weak or sick. She is selfless. She loves God passionately and seeks him tirelessly. She never gives up in the face of trial”. On her part, Mrs. Shade Adegboro described Mama as “that great woman who taught me to pray; she is always there for me. Her prayer life is something to emulate. Whenever you see her seated and not talking to anyone, you can be sure that she is praying.”

Mama’s younger sister was also on hand to share her story. Said she, “I was a staunch Muslim before. I also had tendencies for crime and evil, which at a time landed me in jail but my sister never ceased to preach Christ to me. At every opportunity, she always made me know that Jesus is the only solution to my problems. She did not only preach the word, she also lived the life. I saw Christ in her. My advice to all is, ‘If you want to be a Christian, be a true one. Don’t be a hypocrite.’ Today, I can testify that Jesus is sweet because I can see Jesus in her.”

Mrs. Yemisi Adekunle, Mama’s Sister-in-law also testified, “My brother brought me to Lagos to stay with him and his wife, our mummy that we are celebrating today. It was from here I went to school, trained as a fashion designer and also got married. My brother went through a lot of storms and trials but I can testify that mummy stood fast as a true and virtuous woman. Many times daddy had a lot of health crisis. Truly God gives life but if there is no true wife, the man will not live long. Mummy is a true wife. She stood fast and did not allow my brother to die. Without her love, care and fervent prayers, my brother would have died” while her friend added “I have known this woman for some years now and I can testify that she is a virtuous woman, a mother in Israel, a motivator and source of inspiration; always ready to battle it out with Satan and win. Sometimes when I am confronted with challenges in my home, I call on her God and He does answer me. The lives of her children bear testimony that God answers her prayer because God is showing the way for her children. She is a wife in a million, even in old age, she still shares the same bed with her husband because she believes they must be bonded in the place of prayer.”

Asked what is the secret of her success in life as a Christian, wife and mother to so many, Mummy Dosumu explained, “I always marvel at the wonders of God in my life. I never got to know or meet my mother; neither did I ever meet my father until I was 12 years old. Even then, he did not see the need to send me to school, especially after I gave my life to Christ and became born again. Without the care and support of parents, God took care of me. I am one of the most blessed people on earth and that is why I cherish every opportunity I have to be in God’s presence and to give him thanks. I always tell him to count me worthy to be amongst the heavenly choir that will praise him in eternity.”

“One thing that has helped me in life is that I made sure my children know the Lord Jesus Christ because without him, they cannot do anything. I therefore urge mothers to direct their children towards Christ. He will make their lives beautiful”, she added.