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DJ Cuppy Takes On Africa

Posted: Jul 13, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Hazeez Balogun Lagos

After her introduction into the Nigerian music scene last year, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola fondly known as DJ Cuppy has really established a name for herself. She has performed at large events including Ali Baba’s January 1st concert earlier in the year. Perhaps her biggest gig was at the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Inauguration Ball in Abuja. She did not only thrill the guests, but also displayed patriotism with her Green and White theme performance.

DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy

This week, the Billionaire’s daughter has announced that she is not confined to Nigeria when it comes to plying her trade. She says she is taking her Deejaying skills all over Africa. She made the announcement in Ikoyi, Lagos on Wednesday. She would be embarking on an African tour tagged: ‘DJ Cuppy Takes On Africa’.

According to her itenery, she would be appearing on stage in eight African countries, besides artistes from the various countries she is performing. This would be the first time any DJ on the continent is touring Africa. The countries includes: Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. The eighth country is of course, Nigeria where the tour kicks off.

DJ Cuppy expressed excitement that one of her dreams is coming to fruition. “It has always been in my plans to go around Africa doing my thing, and I’m glad we will be doing that soon,” She says. She also says she will be using the opportunity to know more about the countries she visits and “have a tourist adventure while learning from their culture and customs.”

At 22, Dj Cuppy is still in school, studying for a Masters Degree. When asked if the masters programme will not hamper her career, she says, “Education has not stopped me from chasing my dreams. At 22 I try to do things at their own time, and allocate time for everything. I would like young people to grab opportunities when they come and not let anything hinder them. Nothing just comes to you, you plan and work towards it. My trip around Africa will allow me to know more about the youth in other countries and I can relay my experiences as I go along.”

Cuppy also speaks French and she says she is excited to travel to Francophone countries on the tour.

Sponsoring the tour are two major organisations: GT Bank and Dangote Foundation. According to a rep, Dangote Foundation, they decided to be a part of the tour because it access in the process, a lot of African youth and “that is what the foundation is about, touching lives.” Lolade Fajodu of GT bank says that Gt bank has branched in five of the eight countries to be visited, and they have been touching the whole of Africa especially with their NDANI Tv projects.

The tour will kick off in Lagos on the 1st of August and will wound up in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 29th of August. Asides from herself, DJ Cuppy says that other Nigerian acts and acts from other countries will be performing alongside herself on the tour.

Cuppy also shares about her dreams and plans for the future, “DeeJays and producers are now being recognised and when I look at the business side, I see huge potentials too, so I’m looking forward to all these. We will keep getting better, we will keep looking for ways to entertain and empower Africa. With Partners like GT bank and Dangote Foundation, I know there is a lot we can achieve.”

Talking about her childhood she says, “for me, growing up was very colorful I was a very playful and naughty child. I used to be very inquisitive, I was very intrigued by things, and I once turned our living room into a studio. Really, I had a wonderful childhood, I had many friends, I grew up on the mainland, G.R.A Ikeja to be precise, and looking back now, I have so much fun memories from my childhood.”

Born in Lagos in 1992, Cuppy began playing the piano after which she ventured into producing and thereafter Deejaying. At 17, whilst attaining her A-Levels, she had already become a household name playing at London’s top nightclubs and fashion week events.

Cuppy has been privileged to DJ for an elite international set of crowd; she entertained global diplomats and international representatives with her turntable skills at the Financial Times Luxury Summit 2014, which was held in Mexico City. She was also the DJ at the Tatler Magazine and Christie’s Inc Arts Ball, which was held in London followed by a number of corporate events in Dubai. The announcement for Cuppy being the resident DJ at the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban, was a proud moment for Cuppy fans around the world.

Last year in July 2014, following her graduation from King’s College London, Cuppy released her highly successful mixtape, House Of Cuppy. The compilation features remixes of chart-topping Nigerian records. House Of Cuppy was launched successfully in London, Lagos and New York. This year will see a bigger and better version, which other African artists from around the continent featured.

Appointed by the Honorable Minister for Culture and Tourism, on the 17th of April 2014 Cuppy became an official Nigerian Tourism Ambassador. She is currently a brand advocate fuelling the ‘Fascinating Nigeria’ campaign, which is a dynamic imprint, aimed at promoting the development of Tourism.

Cuppy currently resides in New York, attaining a Masters of Arts in Music Business at NYU. Furthermore, Cuppy interns at the Roc Nation headquarters where she is getting first hand experience of the worldwide music industry, putting Africa on the global music map. Cuppy calls her new sound Neo-Afrobeats, a genre of music, which blends Electric House with Afro-beats. Cuppy is also an entrepreneur.