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Divine direction for conflict resolution – A Review

Posted: Apr 12, 2015 at 1:07 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Titles: Confront Your Mountain, The Spring of Inspiration

Author: Ayodeji Ayopo

Reviewer:  Femi Akinwande

No of pages:  60 and 366 respectively

Armed with resilient thought to subdue life challenges at a time like this, the author, Ayodeji Ayopo has churned out two books titled, Confront Your Mountain and The Spring of Inspiration.


Mountain means so many things to many people. Understanding and the definition assigned to mountain by individual determines the perception they have towards it. Mountain in this sense is not the geographical feature as found in Kilimanjaro or Idanre, but rather a figurative expression that connotes life challenges.

In this short 60 pages book, Ayopo, takes a cursory look at challenges of life and how one can turn them to testimony.

Each chapter of the book is launched with a relevant scriptural reference that tallies with issue being addressed therein. Through this strategy, the author wants readers to draw inspiration from the person in the reference. Beyond readers drawing personal inspiration, the author equally went extra mile to give his own interpretation of what the lessons readers should take away. He closes each chapter with prayer points for readers to take to the throne of grace in order to secure heavenly relief.

The book is divided into short 30 chapters.  If subjected to critical analysis, it appears that some chapters were dedicated to what I term transformational prophetic declarations such as from ‘pain to joy’, ‘bondage to freedom’, ‘deformity to wholeness’ etc. While there are other chapters that focus on direct proclamation as in ‘weep no more’, ‘be hopeful’, ‘you will be fruitful’, ‘God will locate you’. Both sides of the divides carry messages of comfort and hope, which if apply with the accompanying prayer points, would turn around the fortune of anybody.

The author’s penchant for prophetic declaration has to be seen in the light of call of God upon his life to expose believers to prophetic insights on how to live as God ordained people.

Written is simple sentences devoid of ambiguity and rhetoric, it will make a good reading for those who have come to situation of asking question such as ‘why me’, ‘I can’t understand’ due to complex issues surrounding their lives.

In his characteristic manner of being on-point in his writings, Ayopo’s second book under review, The Spring of Inspiration is timely and re-assuring, moreso when the dwindling economic situation of the country is making the heart of many to be ‘feverish’ and ‘low’.

Stylishingly packaged with accompanying book divider ribbon, the book might be mistaken for a Bible from a distance. The 366 pages hard cover pocket size book takes readers through 365 days of any year with nugget and insightful prophetic declaration that stand as motivation in the face of whatever challenge each day of the year might birth.

Though not encumbered with Biblical references, but one cannot miss the point that the writer is clear with the fact that God remains the ultimate source of strength in the face of challenges of life. Expectedly, the book affirms the supremacy of Almighty God, and is explicit enough as to the fact that God is able to lift man beyond and above challenges that might be confronting him.

Each chapter is dedicated to each day of the year. And the general concern of man in his frantic effort to succeed is carefully taken care of.

The writer’s ability to craft word must have been informed by his background in Business Communication and Strategy as well as Public Relations, the fields he has chosen to practice as a seasoned professional.

The book is worth taking space in a serious library. It is more or less a daily companion that should actually form the content of any hand bag, be it male or female.