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We Disguised As EFCC Officials To Steal Dollar

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For Princewill Eze, aka Senator, his arrest  by Special Anti Robbery Squad of Lagos State Police Command was not the first time. What brought Eze  to SARS then was nothing order than  alleged armed robbery attacks  on  bureau de change operators while posing as a senator. Apart from SARS, he has been a guest of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for similar offences. Last month, he was rearrested again by SARS for robbery attacks on some bureau the change operators. Some of the items recovered from him include police walkie talkies, EFCC vests and a vehicle mounted with security gadgets and siren.  Eze with some members of his gang were paraded by the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Kayode Aderanti. He spoke with Saturday Independent through correspondent, Andrew    Utulu

What’s your name?

My name is Princewell Eze.

What brought to SARS?

I was arrested on the 26th of February on the strength of an allegation raised by Chief Ogbolubi Bureau de Change that the company was robbed.

Where you behind the robbery incident?

Yes, I was involved with some other guys that were here to make a call and…….

How do you operate?

When they make a call that they want to buy dollars and when the person comes with the money, there is a way we used to scare them away. Someone comes, wearing EFCC vest will appear and with that, they are scared probably because they don’t have license.

How do you make money from that?

We arrest people in such circumstance because of the hard currency involved.

Some of us will put on EFCC vest, and by the time we are attending to the person, those on the EFCC vests will perfect the arrest.

We dispossessed them of the dollars.

Princewill Eze aka Senator

Princewill Eze aka Senator

The bureau de change is already with the money. When you call him and when we arrest him, we confiscate the money from him and allow him to go. We hold the victim first and drive as if they are going to the EFCC office.

How do you get their number?

There are millions of bureau de change, getting their numbers is not a difficult thing.

As far as am concerned, the number of bureau de change is an easy process. I mean it is not a difficult thing. But I don’t even have any.

If you work on the road and you want to get i1 million numbers of bereau de change operators, you will get it.

How long have you been been doing this?

We have started since last year.

So how much have you made from it?

Totally, If am not mistaken it should be running to 350 or 700 thousand dollars, however, it is not amounting to me alone.

How did you get into this business?

Actually it has been long. Years ago when I was at Eko International Transaction, I had a bereau de change guy called Hamza, though now late. N 1.4 naira was paid into his account and I was the person that spare headed the payment. When he received the money, he denied that it was not paid into his account. l went through hell over the issue.

So because of that you decided to embark on a revenge mission?

Yes, because that was a major pain.

Why did you refuse…………?

The main thing is to find and meet him.

What is his name?

His name is Mr. Patrick

Where did you meet him?

I met him here when l was arrested.

What year?

It’s about 4 years ago.

Where are your other gang member’s?

Everybody is here.

Are you the leader? 


How many properties do you have?

I’ve had properties before this time, I was into hotel, I have house, a university hostel.

How many children do you have and does your wife know what you do?

I have five children. My wife doesn’t know anything about this.

How do you tell her what you do when the money keeps coming in?

She knows I was into international business.

Does she know that you are into fraud?

She got to know when I was first arrested.

What was her reaction?

She actually advised me against that but she doesn’t know I have returned into the busines.

How many times were you arrested by the security agencies?

I had issues with the EFCC, and police. I bought a car and I didn’t complete the payment because of some reasons. Police Zone II transferred the case to SARS and when we settled it I was released.

What did you do that made EFCC to arrest you?

It was an allegation of fraud. What happened?

My account was traced into some fund with other people and I was arrested at Abuja.

How much was that?

It was an allegation, no money was involved. We actually attempted to move N124 million into somebody’s   account but I don’t know where he was moving the money from.

Four years ago, you were arrested, you claimed to be a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and then you claimed that the allegation was false, what happened?

There is nothing different with what happened then and now. I am remorseful now because of my age and my personality, and it was unfortunate that issues of that nature happened. I was arrested by SARS then and brought here.

Were you a senator?

No, I was not.

How old are you?

I’m 65 years old.

So is this your second time here?

To be candid, nobody will like to come here. It is not my portion in Jesus name.

Were you charged to court?

Yes, I was charged to court.

Were you convicted?

No, my lawyer signed for my bail because nobody was taking me to court. When I was taken to the court about seven times without prosecution, I was granted bail.

So that made you return to crime? 

I have a lot of responsibility. I have children. It’s not like I woke up on the street and start defrauding people. There are other things I do. I’m a committed husband.

What other things do you do?

I’m a businessmanwhat kind of business?

I’m into hospitality, I travel for businesses, and I invest in several things. I have made over $200 thousand dollars.

You were accused of intercepting police radio, how true was that?

Police came to my house and found walkie talkie. To be candid, it has nothing to do impersonating police officers or interception police operations. if you look at the object material, it is touch less. I used it six years ago for politics and since then, I have kept it. The batteries were dead and were dusty and not working. I have no intention to intercept the police messages because I and the police have nothing in common.

I have friends in the senate, among governors and local government chairmen that I supported during politics. I’m a financial stakeholder in politics. I have no chieftaincy title. I’m from Enugu state.

Would it be wrong to say that you associate with the politicians because you know that when you commit crime, they can help you out?

I have never called any politician to rescue me from police station. I’m not a professional trouble maker. If I was a professional trouble maker, I would have been here for more than seven times. I don’t pray to come back here.