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Diamond Bank…So Much For New Generation Finance Home!

Posted: Jul 21, 2015 at 1:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
By Justin Akpovi Esade 

I had some time in my hands around early March this year so I decided to go and join the queue at the Diamond Bank branch on Adetola, Aguda-Surulere, Lagos because I needed to send some money to my son who for some personal reasons (known to him) opened an account with the bank.
As I stood calmly on the queue, a young girl with a fake smile on her lips approached me. I knew she wanted to sell me something and I was right. She asked what I was doing inside the banking hall; I was nearly tempted to tell her I came to take some dance lessons. Anyway, she convinced me to open both a savings and current accounts. I however told her that getting a Referee that does business with Diamond bank would be a challenge because I don’t have any friend or relation that does. She promised to get one of the two referees for me. So I called my friend Nollywood star Charles Inojie and explained. Days later, Inojie walked to my home since we live some few minutes from each other to discuss some other issues and I ambushed him to fill the space for one of the referees. That was some days before the general elections. I paid the mandatory N5, 000 and handed over the forms to the young lady who simply introduced herself as Blessing during our first meeting. Na from dia I enta Diamond Bank one chance!


 Since March, all attempts to make Diamond Bank give me my cheque booklet so that I can start operating the account failed miserably. I leave the bank with truck load of excuses on every visit. Since March, the “bank of my friend, Inojie who is one of my referees has not responded to Diamond Bank’s enquiry”, “they were still waiting for signal from the bank”. I always left the bank confused and thought in 2015; one is still experiencing this kind of bureaucratic bottleneck in the confirmation of ordinary referee? Someone or a bank is displaying an annoying level of incompetence.


On July 14, I got very pissed and had to drive down to the bank. I was expecting the same excuse. When I got it, I blew my top and asked for the shutdown of the account because events have overtaken it. I had already opened another current account in another bank close by which took less than a month for all the processes to be completed. I make bold to say that, it is easier for a Nigerian to get a Canadian travel visa than for him to open a current account with Diamond Bank! Where the issue may come is in the refund of the N5, 000 I paid as fee. If Diamond Bank subtracts a dime from it under any false bank charges, we will end up in court.


So much for a ‘new generation’ bank!