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Delsu And Randy Lecturers

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Posted: Aug 29, 2016 at 3:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

If the laws being orchestrated by the National Assembly would come into fruition in the future. Randy lecturers would face jail terms when found and proved guilty.

Universities and Nursing institutions across the country had always had serial reports of randy lecturers and seductive female students who usually flaunt their wares- boobs and backsides, wearing skimpy and oftentimes transparent dresses to lectures.

At the end of the day, those who suffer penalty for these tempting situations are the unfortunate lecturers who are always found guilty of making passes at them.

It is a very serious moral issue in the universities, where sellers of wares and buyers of these generally seductive girls are the poor lecturers who often are caught between getting some free monies on the basis of the female students who find it difficult to stay glued to their books, but depend generally on their God given wares to attract the sexy hungry lecturers who feel ‘you chop where you work.’

It is patently indecent on the part of lecturers, most of whom are already married with a family.

But the way and manner these daughters of Eve turn out in their classic dress codes, openly invite the lecturers to do business with them.

Look at their tender ages- sixteen and nineteen years and brewed in the new computer age, they seem to know so much about seducing their victims with their beautiful faces and backsides and in some extreme cases, the girls offer financial incentives to the lecturers most of whom had not been paid their salaries for upwards of six or more months.

It is a game being played by daughters of rich parents, who had spoilt their girls with plenty of money and gadgets.

The news broke last week that a committee of the Delta State University had recommended the sack of five lecturers allegedly implicated in a sexual assault and extortion of money from female students and abuses of office. Indeed a lecturer in the Department of Theatre Arts was reportedly  caught pants down in the room of a female student with examination  papers flying around the bedroom.

These ritualistic stories emanating from Delsu are becoming nauseating and should be dealt with internally without making a mountain out of  a mole hill.

When universities open their rear side to these inconsequential issues of morality and sex for examination high marks, it is only making Delsu a breeding ground for sexual misadventures, where lecturers are the whipping boys of a mutually sexually starved partnership between female students and randy lecturers.

I want to believe that these sexual traps for lecturers should be dismissed and nipped in the bud by the institution, as both the girls and the lecturers should be punished for their sexual excesses.

To continue to portray the lecturers as the guilty ones makes justice one sided. While female students are soliciting for extra marks because they have a natural ware to flaunt before sexy and randy lecturers, who equally feel they have a right to partake in the goodies of these pretty girls

because they are doing them a world of favour by making them to shine in their exams.

For me, both parties must face the music. If the lecturers will go, let the girls also go home. To suddenly frustrate lecturers because they are in love with their students is too harsh a punishment  for a do- good  lecturer. There was no evidence of a lecturer forcing sex on female students with a pistol in his pocket. Delsu is not the only university where lecturers have had sexual favours from their lecturer boyfriends. Why will Delsu punish the lecturer and let the girls to lay in wait for new victims?

Fair is fair. If you slept with a lecturer under any circumstances for free or for a fee, let it be recorded that both parties are guilty as charged and they must face dismissal from the institution. If love making was done as a consensual act by a lecturer and a female student, what is wrong about that?

Sexual expression by students and lecturers ought to be part of their freedom of association and let no institution or authority deprive them of these feelings to each other.

Delsu had long ago dismissed three lecturers for similar offences and this year some five fun loving lecturers are in the net for same offence.

One would suggest that if the female students want to be married to their lecturer boyfriends, why punish the lecturers alone for an offence committed by both students and lecturers?

The governing Council is yet to take a final decision on the lover birds in Delsu and one only hopes that the final decision must be seen to be fair to all parties and let us save our  university from lecturers being turned into scapegoats for sexual favours from students to lecturers.

A university is a platform for the flowering of ideas on how our society operates. A university community thrives best on the free flow of emotions and ideas and any attempt to truncate the feelings of emotions between the sexes will only truncate the growth of how humanity works in harmony.

Delsu and even all universities are free platforms for the education of our siblings.

My plea is for the university Council to be open-minded in arriving at their decision to dismiss or expel lecturers for their expression of love to female students. Let both parties be suspended for a period of time- student and lecturers should go home on holiday.

Any attempt by the DELSU authority to demonise the lecturers and free the female students would be counterproductive and serve nobody any good.

Let the axe fall on both parties –lecturers and guilty female students.