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DELA: Women with large heart for underprivilege

Posted: Apr 26, 2015 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Anthonia Soyingbe Lagos

Though they were all gorgeously dressed in well-tailored purple cord-lace attires, they all looked ravishingly beautiful, wearing broad smiles.



They were not dressed for the regular owanbe (social parties), which characterises normal Saturday outings, they were dressed to raise funds just to carry out their regular charity deeds. They are members of Diamond Elites Ladies Association (DELA).

DELA, the brainchild of Mrs. Ferishat Alegeh, was formed in 2005 as an association of married women, who have the wherewithal to assist the less privileged in the society.

The colourful occasion for these women was not about flaunting their fine attires and designer accessories, they gathered to honour their greatest benefactor, who since inception of the club, has played great roles in assisting them to help the helpless.

The National President of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Augusine Alegeh, was at this occasion, honoured by the DELA members for his many contributions to the club.

In her opening address, Founder and President of DELA, Alegeh, highlighted some of the objectives of the club, which includes bringing succour and smiles to the faces of the less-privileged in the society.

“At the inception of DELA, which was conceived in my sitting room in 2015, we started with a monthly contribution with friends who indicated interest.

“After a while, with the success of the monthly contribution, we decided that it would be nice we form a club to support ourselves as friends and to reach out to the less-privileged,” Alegeh said.

While highlighting the many successes the DELA has recorded through its charity acts, Alegeh said it has empowered many orphanages and other charity homes.

The NBA president, after receiving the honour, pledged to continually support DELA as they have embarked on a worthy causes which will help make the society a better place.

“Thanks for recognising my modest efforts and I must thank you immensely for doing what you have being doing with dexterity lace with a sense of purpose.

“You have impacted many lives positively and I pledge to support you to the best of my ability,” the NBA president said, while he donated towards some of the projects embarked upon by members of the club.

Alegeh said that DELA is a non-partisan and non-religion organisation and only admits married women who have the wherewithal to assist others because members are expected to be role models and also be ready to part with some of their resources for the needy.

“Though we started as friends and social club, we have grown beyond that as we are now service club. We are all married women who have the financial wherewithal to give back to the society. Though it is not too easy, but we are grateful to our husbands who constantly support us in our efforts to give back to the society,” Alegeh told journalists.