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Death at childbirth: My wife did not die of cancer – Husband

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 at 4:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
•The late Dolapo

•The late Dolapo

Yinka Shokunbi

Group Life Editor


Contrary to the allegation by one Bimbo Ayuba that Mrs. Dolapo Adesanya who died at childbirth at EKO Hospital “was diagnosed and treated of breast cancer in 2012, the deceased’s husband, Segun has said that his deceased wife did not die of cancer. Ayuba who claimed to be a friend to the deceased had alleged that Dolapo “was diagnosed with a lump/ tumour in the breast in 2012 and the lump was successfully removed in this same EKO Hospital”.

The posting which was mailed to our correspondent stated in part, “My heart goes out to the family of the deceased especially to the husband of the deceased; it is never easy losing a loved one. I am a friend of the deceased and my conscience will not rest unless I tell the truth and put this matter in the true perspective.

“The deceased was diagnosed with a lump/ tumour in the breast in 2012 and the lump was successfully removed in this same EKO Hospital.

“Further investigations carried out by this same EKO Hospital, revealed that the lump/ tumour which was successfully removed was malignant, and the deceased was informed. She was asked to come for radiotherapy and also informed that she might have her breast removed to prevent the spread of the cancer but she refused.

“Sometime later, she successfully delivered her first baby in the hospital, and still the pleads of the hospital for her to come for radiotherapy and possibly remove her breasts to prevent the spread of the cancer fell on deaf ears and she blatantly refused. God bless her soul.

“Fast forward to 2015, the cancer had completely spread all over and even to her spine and this was the reason she was paraplegic and could not walk. She was confined to a wheel chair even before she was brought to the hospital”, the writer said.

But speaking with Daily Independent, the deceased’s husband said Ayuba’s allegation “is very untrue and a malicious rumour we believe is being sponsored by agents of the hospital to further exacerbate our trauma”.

He denied knowing any friend of his wife by the name Bimbo Ayuba saying, “It is obvious that this friend is fake and her story of knowing that my wife suffered from breast cancer is malicious and untrue”.

According to Segun, “If truly my wife had a history of cancer with the EKO Hospital, could the way she was treated by them have been their best for a known cancer patient who was pregnant and also attended the hospital for antenatal?, he asked.

Segun said more truth on the matter would be unravelled in days to come and as soon as the modalities are put in place by the family to ask the hospital to provide answers to why his late wife was abandoned to die with little or no medical attention when she needed it most to save her life.

The family Lawyer to the Adesanyas,  Oluwashina Ogungbade of Afe Babalola & Co, also refuted Ayuba’s allegation noting that “this purported story by this unknown friend, Bimbo Ayuba, is no doubt a plot to cover up the negligence on the part of the hospital and this attempt will definitely not fly.

“Our attention had been drawn to the write up which we learnt was put up on Stella Dimoko blog but truly, we are not perturbed about such postings which we know is untrue and we won’t lose focus on what we are set to do”, Ogungbade said.

He queried how a hospital which claimed it had a medical history of the deceased could have abandoned her at a critical time she needed their attention most “with the knowledge of her so called breast cancer and at a time she just delivered with little medical care”, he observed.