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Sunday, Timely warning

Dead Churches – 3

Posted: Sep 27, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Timely Warning

When you attend Churches that are like social clubs, you get nothing in your spirit. For them, Jesus Christ died for them to have fun and success. This Church is one of the most unserious Churches on earth. They forget that they must give their lives to Jesus to enter the kingdom of God. Nobody wants to suffer for Christ again.

  The world is too sweet to let go. Anything that will attract sacrifice or persecution for Christ is disregarded. Their pastors are lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God. They keep telling the congregation all the good things about the Bible and shy away from verses that demand a lot of sacrifice from us. They have forgotten that the Bible says, “ Those that shall live godly lives shall suffer persecution.

The social Church can never be ready for the second coming of Christ. They are too busy enjoying the world while men are dying without salvation. It is difficult for them to individually preach Christ to those in their working place or neigbourhood. They love self more than God. The pastors of these Churches do not constantly warn their members about sins and rapture.

In fact, the rapture is strange to them. If you go and meet one of them and tell him or her about rapture, you will be surprised how shocked he or she will react.

Some time ago, I meet one of them that was going through health problem. I told her that Jesus can heal her just as He healed me of my eyes problems many years ago. She looked at me as if I  said something strange. When I could not convince her, I left her alone. I must confess that we all have different experiences with Jesus. Some make a lot of noise about Jesus, yet they are defeated in their personal lives while few who don’t make too much noise are victorious.

The social Church is too busy moulding their pattern to worldly standard while their members are heavily oppressed by wicked neighbours and colleagues. This is why when they realized they are oppressed by demons, they start running to other Churches because there is no power in their Church to heal them.

  If your Church is really the Church of Christ, why can’t your pastor pray to set people free from sickness and demonic oppression? The truth of the matter is your pastor is too busy with other things that are irrelevant to Christ.

We shout a lot about Jesus, but do you know that the true purpose of Christ’s coming is to save the lost, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and make sure they live holy lives that will make men qualify to enter the gate of  heaven.

Think about this, do not attend a Church that won’t take you to heaven. Repent and ask Jesus to forgive you. Call or text me for counselling. If you dream negative dreams at night, feel free to reach me for counselling.