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Day Udeogu Gave Out Cows To Three Ikwo Communities

Posted: May 28, 2015 at 5:50 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Uka Felix  – Abakaliki


The political campaigns accompanied by huge promises by candidates of the various political parties have come and gone. The winners have emerged with the voters left in the wings waiting for fulfillment of the promises of a better life.

Already, some of the winners are no longer easily accessible and they no longer pick telephone calls as was the case during the electioneering.

Some have by now started advancing reasons certain promises might not be met as pledged.

Later finds indicated that even as the candidates standing for the elections made promises, so also did other politicians who are seen as godfathers in their own localities where they serve as opinion moulders and leaders in their various rights. Such politicians see the victory or defeat of their political parties in their own domain as the strength of their relevance or otherwise, so they do a lot to ensure victory of their candidates.  Obviously for this reason, it smacks of political bereavement for someone, a Governor, or indeed any politician who parades himself or herself as a chieftain to ‘fail in his booth’.

Though, he did not contest for any position during the 2015 elections, Elder Fred Udeogu resigned his position as Commissioner for Donor Agencies in the cabinet of Governor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State and pitched tent with the Divine Mandate Campaign Organisation (DMCO), the body that managed the campaigns of the incumbent Deputy Governor of the state, Dave Umahi, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He needed to do more than lip service to his people, so he promised his Ikwo kinsmen that should Umahi win, their area would be a great beneficiary of his government. But to start with he said he would first thank them with gift of cows should the PDP win in the area during the elections. To fulfill the promise, Udeogu during the weekend, gave cows to three communities in his area. Cartons of a variety of drinks were added to the gifts. It was more like another rally in each of the communities.

On arrival in each of the communities, the people were already seated, in their Town Halls, some of them sharing palm wine under the tree sheds that abound the villages  as they waited for the arrival of Udeogu and his entourage, just like the first coming of the Whiteman to Ikwo.

Used to such gatherings, Udeogu would dance to the tune of the local musical band made up of gongs, drums, calabash and even sharpened sticks. He defiled the CBN rules, splash money on the dancers and seat back to hear from the people.

It was not much of a talk show. They recounted how they worked hard to defeat those who laboured against them while Udeogu, one-time member of the old Enugu State House of Assembly would glint their spirits with a picture of better tomorrow for them through the incoming administration of Dave Umahi who has their Ikwo kinsman, Kelechi Igwe, as his deputy.