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Dasukigate Is Mother Of All Corruption Cases In Nigeria –Adikwuru

Posted: Mar 10, 2016 at 7:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dennis Adikwuru, former Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Gov Rochas Okorocha and ex-Executive Secretary, Imo State Pools Betting, Gaming, Casino and Promotions and Control Board, now a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state was one of the campaign coordinators of former House of Representatives Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, during the 2015 governorship election. He spoke to EJIKEME OMENAZU on the current state of the PDP in the state.

How would you explain the recent fracas at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) office during a meeting called to bring together all warring factions in the party?
It could be called fracas because there was a sort of clash between the duly constituted Caretaker Committee and the former state executive. The fact is that this matter is subjudice and should not form part of public discourse until the court determines it. As it stands today, there is a Caretaker in place and the former executive went to court. But, while the court process is on, the Caretaker is taking care of the activities of the party in the state. It was learnt that suspected thugs from the opposing camp disrupted a meeting scheduled by the Caretaker Committee.
During the last general elections, several camps and factions emerged in Imo PDP. What would you say is the current state of the party in the state?
The party in the state has been a beehive of activities, especially when the party had a somewhat good outing despite the odds. Reconciliatory efforts have been on top gear, while the party prepares for congresses from the ward, local government and state as well as the national congress. I can say the party is carrying on all the necessary and expedient activities as in other state chapters.
What efforts are being made to rebuild the party in the state to return it to the winning trail?
I cannot say rebuilding because you rebuild what is destroyed. The party remains solid and is on consolidation move. You know that the party won the three senatorial seats and majority of the House of Reps seats. The Appeal Court cancelled the Imo North Senatorial as well as three State Assembly seats, which were to have been rerun last month. Obviously for fear of defeat, the ruling APC in the state organized a protest and other disruptive activities, which pressed INEC to suspend the rerun. I can say that the party is wielding more strength since after the elections, because the people of Imo State are solidly with PDP.
As one of the campaign coordinators of former House of Representatives Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, what would you say accounted for his loss during the governorship elections last year?
Truly, I was in the forefront of the campaigns beginning from the pre primaries to the elections. We crisscrossed the nooks and crannies of the state and our candidate was the best, the most popular and the most acceptable with imprints everywhere. On the day of the elections, April 11 precisely, Ihedioha was leading in the three senatorial zones. I really do not want to say much of this because you know how frantic, desperate and deadly efforts stalled the cause of justice at the Tribunal, Appeal and Supreme Court sessions and you know what would have been the outcome of the matter if the learned judges and justices had heard the petition.
In everything, we thank God because the man that hijacked governance has been saying it for the umpteenth time that he knew how he got there and nobody should claim to have voted for him. Imo people also know whom they voted for and the conspirators within and outside know their roles. The loss of the governorship election in Imo State has placed PDP in a higher pedestal of acceptability and popularity.
As a major character during the 2015 elections, could you relate some of the untold stories of the elections in Imo State?
Yeah, I have a bit of the untold stories because I was deeply involved. Deeply involved because a plot was perfected to eliminate me and from the high place, it was spring rolled. I will give an account of this and other stories best known to me in due course, but not so long from now. I will also highlight some other stories of interest when the time comes.
How do you see Governor Okorocha’s second term performance so far?
 Well, what we have here is retrogression in governance; or, you can say, the consolidation of prodigy in governance. There is nothing to write home about governance in Imo State and the people have come to terms with their fate, praying God to keep us alive come 2019.
PDP had a harvest of governorship aspirants in the last election. What are being done to bring them together in readiness for the next elections?
Already the aspirants came together in solidarity with the party’s candidate before the election, while the prodigal among them defected. At the moment, what we have are former governorship aspirants and a former candidate. The party is in the verge of electing and constituting executives at all levels of the party hierarchy and that is being done in every state and the national level at various stages. I do not think anybody is talking of governorship aspirants at this moment.
Although you are a PDP stalwart, what is your impression on the anti-corruption crusade so far?
I must commend President Muhammadu Buhari for his boldness in pursuing the anti-corruption crusade, and I must say with special reference to the mother of all corruption cases, the Dasukigate. As far as I am concerned, Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd), the former National Security Adviser (NSA), and his cohorts must be brought to justice and must not escape justice, no matter what. However, I advise the president to put more efforts to the crusade and make sure the courts work fast to prosecute the culprits.
EFCC should be checked properly to ensure that its personnel do not use the umbrella of the crusade to enrich themselves rather than recover the loots for the country. I want to see one, two, three convictions, confiscations, recoveries and so on in the nearest future. Again, the president should broaden the scope and horizon of the crusade, so that it will be all-encompassing and everyone in the net of corruption be fished out to face the law.
What is your view on the current slide of the nation’s currency, the naira?
I think it has to do with certain economic policies by the CBN and Finance sector. One bad policy is the government empowerment of foreign exchange dealers to source and fix the rates of foreign currencies. It is argued in some quarters that this policy was made to allow big money bags to offload their foreign currencies without government control. To a large extent, this has set the economy back. But, it is heartwarming that after some interventions within and outside government, the naira is a little stable. There is need for officials of the CBN and Ministry of Finance to adopt international economic politics to push up the economy.
How do you see the recent resurgence of the demand for Biafra?
I can say that a lot of factors led to the resurgence of the agitation for Biafra. Some of these factors are for general interest, while others are self-serving. Yes, the South East deserves attention in terms of politico, socio, economic and infrastructural development. The South East also needs genuine, selfless and devoted politicians to fast track the development of the geo-political zone.
As far as I am concerned, Biafra is putting the South East on the centre stage of socio-economic and political development as other zones. Also, the South East is paying solidarity and loyalty to the sovereign state of Nigeria. Anything less than that is treasonable and should so be charged. I like to advise President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint a Special Adviser or Senior Special Assistant on this matter, because a special attention needs to be paid and devoted to ensure the enlightenment of the Igbo, the entrenchment of Igbo youths and the resolution of this upsurge in order to stop certain selfish individuals and their sponsors from using the umbrella of Biafra to enlarge their coasts.